Malawi Bvumbwe Handmade Treasure Black Tea: What-Cha

Here’s what’s happened today, so far…

1. First I paid a visit to my dentist… I’d especially like to draw your attention to the word “PAID”. It’s been a while since I made a payment on his summer home, so…   it was time. I’ll be back tomorrow to make a payment on his Porsche.

2. To ease the pain (in my wallet, not my mouth), I bought a new cute little air plant. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!! She’s soooooo cuuuuuuuuuute!!! Only 2 inches high, she fits into the wee little tea tasting cup I got at the Toronto Tea Festival. That will be her home! Kawaiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I call her ‘Tilly’.

2-inch baby air plant

2-inch baby air plant

3. Went to the post office and picked up my order from What-Cha!! Very excited!! I re-ordered my all-time-fave “Kenya Hand Rolled Purple Varietal Oolong Tea“…., and ordered a sample pack of teas from Malawi that looked just fascinating! Can’t wait to dive in!! AND, Alistair included an extra sample Darjeeling for me! Sweet!! Thank you!! All this tea excitement has almost made me forget about the dentist!

What-Cha!! Wowza!!

What-Cha!! Wowza!!

4. Tried to buy a train ticket to go home later this week. Saw the price and decided to take the bus. Sorry train… the dentist has all my money tied up in real estate.

5. Opened up this package of Malawi Bvumbwe Handmade Treasure Black Tea to find it smiling at me! I think it’s trying to tell me something.

Malawi Bvumbwe Handmade Treasure Black Tea by What-Cha

Malawi Bvumbwe Handmade Treasure Black Tea by What-Cha

6. Inhaled deeply… mmmmm…. smells like super ripe peaches and plums and apricots in the heat of summer… sweet, dark, sticky, juicy… yummy. The leaves are large, hard, twisted wires with a strong artistic bent.

7. Steeped the tea in a gaiwan at 95 degrees. I gave it about 2 minutes because the suggested 3-4 seems too long for my taste. The tea is a clear reddish-brown, and smells sweet and malty.

Malawi Bvumbwe Handmade Treasure Black Tea in Grandma's teacup

Malawi Bvumbwe Handmade Treasure Black Tea in Grandma’s teacup

8. Drank the tea. It first hits the mouth with a mild malty warmth, mixed with something like vanilla cookies. While still in the mouth, it transforms into a bouquet of summery stone fruits… rich, ripe, sweet… and finishes with notes of orange and the same malt aroma from the start. It’s really complex and layered. Very interesting!

9. Brewed a second cup! Just over 2 minutes for this one… the tea is lighter in colour, but has the same malty vanilla aroma. Ohhh my goodness…. this is gooooooooood!! Sweet, mild, malt, plums, and a finish of orange peel. What an excellent black tea! I’m going back for thirds!

10. Talked to Mom on the phone. Told her about my exciting day and my plan to go home. We’re going shopping for more air plants. Later. After I finish paying off my extortionist dentist!


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