Grandma’s Teacups

My Grandmother collected beautiful china teacups. She displayed them in a glass case, stacked one on top of another. I don’t think anybody knows how many were in there. She left them to me. For years, they sat in a box in my mother’s basement.  Some were given away before I got to them. This year, I decided to rescue what I could.

I’ve been bringing the cups back, one bag at a time, to my small apartment, and trying to find space in the cupboard to keep them… and more importantly, to USE them!

Here’s some of her fabulous collection.



13 thoughts on “Grandma’s Teacups

  1. I love your teacup photos. Your Grandmother would be so proud of you. Long before you came into the world your Grandmother was drinking ‘her’ tea with her dear ‘old lady’ friends using these beautiful china cups. She had 75 different china cups ‘n saucers and when she passed away her 2 daughters decided to give a cup ‘n saucer to each of the women who had been important in her life during her final years. Everyone knew of her amazing collection, and everyone was so grateful. Many of those cups were used to mark special occasions over the years, and many of those same women gave (more) beautiful cups to ‘your own’ Mother when ‘she’ got married. One day you will inherit them ALLl! What a Tea Party you can have then! Keep blogging kid! We love reading your posts! Your Mom XXXX


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