4 Years – So long, and thanks for all the tea!

TEAWITHPOLLYINFOGRAPHICIn January, 2014, I started a little blog about tea. I was mired in the hell of a three-year Master’s degree, and I would sit at my computer for 18 hours a day and drink tea to keep me going… just… one… more… article. My brother had given me a David’s Tea sample pack, and when my friends got sick of reading my tea posts on Facebook, they suggested blogging instead… and “teawithpolly” was born.

Today, 4 years later – February, 2018 – Polly is unplugging the kettle, washing up the teacups, and hanging up the apron. Life has changed a lot in four years – I finished the MA, quit my teaching career, went back to college, saw my Dad through the end of his life, started a new career, and got into a life-altering bus collision that leaves me in near-constant pain. I’m not the same person I was four years ago, and while tea has seen me through some of the darkest hours of my life, and the blog has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, it has become too difficult to keep it up. I continue to seek out new and exciting teas from around the world, but I no longer feel the need to meticulously record, photograph, and write all the details of my tea adventures. I’ll be enjoying the tea – but releasing myself from the pressure of having to blog about it. This is my last post.

So, here’s the part where I need to say thanks to everyone who kept me going for four wonderful years:

To my readers – 10,000 visitors, 21,500 views, and 90 followers from 121 countries – WOW! – Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, and inspiring me with your stories. I never never never dreamed that anyone would care to read my stupid little wanderings… yet, people engaged with me from the start. You are brilliant, and I look forward to following many of you in the future!

To my tea companies – Your generosity has absolutely blown me away! I’ve had the very good fortune to run into tea vendors from around the world, and I’ve built good relationships with many of you that will last into the future. Every person who contacted me to offer me tea samples, tea ware, teapots, mugs, teacups, tote bags, and other tea products – I can’t thank you enough! You not only kept me supplied with the finest tea on earth, but you helped me to learn more about tea than I ever knew was possible – and you helped me to spread the word! I sincerely hope that people will continue to read my posts and make their way to your shops, filled with curiosity to find something new and exciting!

To my friends and family – Thanks for supporting me and putting up with my tea obsession for 4 years! We can continue to share a cuppa – but you’re all off the hook from having to read the blog! hahahaha!!

For my own amusement, I made this infographic to show my stats and figures after 4 years.  Feel free to leave me comments. I’ll be leaving everything up and accessible, but I won’t be posting anything new.

Happy sipping everyone! It’s been a blast!

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