Malawi Zomba Pearls White Tea: What-Cha

Malawi Zomba Pearls White Tea: What-Cha

Malawi Zomba Pearls White Tea by What-Cha

I really wanted to do all of my laundry before going home to my parents’ place for a few days. But somebody’s moving today, and I can’t get the elevators to come to my floor AT ALL! So much for that brainy idea. Now, if I was the owner/manager of a 33-storey highrise, I would probably want to install more than 6 machines… on one floor… for 200 apartments…. but that’s just me. I should warn the people moving in! NO LAUNDRY FOR YOU!

So, instead, I think I’ll sit here and read… and make tea! I’ve been wanting to try this tea for months… since I read the awesome name… Zomba Pearls!! You just can’t read that and NOT think of uh… werewolves. And other infamous creatures of the night. So, Zomba is actually a city, and plain, and tea-estate region in Malawi which probably does not produce either Zombies, or pearls. But they do produce this tea which looks like either ancient wrapped mummy fingers, or dried, shrivelled up insect cocoons. It reminds me of grasshoppers. It’s seriously weird-looking tea! The leaves are crispy, brown and green cylinders that smell like sweet hay and artichokes. Can’t wait to steep it!

Some companies are calling this a green tea, but What-Cha labels it as a white. I want to be careful in the steeping. I put 5 pearls in a gaiwan and steep at 80 degrees for one minute (although the directions suggest 3-4). The tea is a pale peachy-tan colour, and the aroma is amazing! Sweet hay and honey.

Zomba Pearls in Grandma's teacup

Zomba Pearls in Grandma’s teacup

The first sip is soooo yummy! It’s clean and light, with a clear taste of green beans, butter, hay and chestnuts. It’s smooth and clean like a white tea, with the green vegetal flavours of a green. It really reminds me of fresh buttered green beans… with a drizzle of honey!

I definitely need more! In the break between steepings, I’m tasting sweet, delicate buttery notes. The second cup steeps for 2 minutes. I get the same sweet butter and hay, and the green bean flavour has intensified. It’s so unique! If I hold the tea in my mouth, the green bean flavour gives way to an intense nutty, malty flavour, like chestnuts. It’s so good, so sweet, so clean, I’m breezing through each cup in seconds. I need another!

Zomba Pearls beside cup #3. Still going strong!

Zomba Pearls beside Cup #3. Still going strong!

The pearls, by the way, are still pretty much intact, although slightly expanded. Cup three gets 3 minutes. It is exactly the same as the first 2! It has not lost any flavour at all! I could probably get several more steepings out of this… if I could hold any more tea! Still green beans, still butter, still sweet grass, still chestnuts and lasting, mellow sweetness. It’s wonderful!

This is a beautiful, clean white tea with tons of flavour and sweetness. There is no bitterness or astringency at all, and I wonder if it’s even possible to over-steep it. What-Cha wins again! I will be finishing off this one very quickly. Wish I could say the same for my laundry!

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