Korean Mt. Jiri Sejak (Second Pluck) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Green Tea: Teas Unique

Today I have no stories to tell. I’m all wrote out. Been writing at work. Been writing at home. I don’t wanna write no more. What I really want to do is drink tea and read my book. But I wanted to share the tea with you because I think it’s gonna be a good one. All my Teas Unique Korean teas have been excellent. It’s probably not fair to keep it all to myself.

This is Korean Mt. Jiri Sejak (Second Pluck) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Green Tea and it’s all little tiny curly curls. So pretty! When I stick my nose inside the package, it smells like fresh hay and shortbread. That’s a good sign.

I steep 1 tsp in not-so-boiled water and wait one minute. The tea is a nice delicate yellow and the aroma is like sweet corn. The first sip is clean and sweet with a mild flavour of chestnuts or pistachios. It feels silky. Wow… this is so mellow and gentle. When people say they don’t like green tea because it tastes like grass – they need to try this. There is nothing grassy about it at all. It’s not even vegetal like some green teas. It’s just smooth, sweet corny nuttiness – the comedian of  green teas! It’s so relaxing – the perfect accompaniment to a good book and a blue sky. Wonderful!

mt jiri sejak gra cup

Mt. Jiri Sejak in Grandma’s teacup

The second cup sits for 45 seconds and comes up pale yellow. Mmmm… yummmy. It’s just as smooth and mellow as the first one, with little hints of straw, corn, and sweet squash. It’s actually perfect for fall – it sounds like a Thanksgiving table. So, there’s a tip for my American friends. Our Thanksgiving is over and done, but you still have time to pick this up for yours!

Super big THANK YOU to Teas Unique for providing this sample free of charge.

Want more Korean teas? Check out Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Hwang Cha Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Red Tea, or Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Green Tea



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