Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Green: Teas Unique

korea temple roof

Jogyesa Temple, Seoul

I spent a year in Seoul, Korea. I didn’t get a lot of time off for sightseeing, but when I did… I found glowing treasures that mystified and enchanted me. Amid the crowded, bustling streets of Gangnam and Jongno, there were hidden delights if you took the time to see.

I spent 8 months as a mid-life college student in Toronto. I didn’t get a lot of time for relaxing, but when I did… I found exotic teas that mystified and enchanted me. Amid the bustling events of studying and working, there are hidden moments for tea if you take the time to sit quietly and breathe. This is a good moment. Here and now.

Today I’m drinking tea that is “watered by the morning dew” – Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Green Tea from Teas Unique. Boseong is an area in the far southern tip of South Korea. It’s known for its green tea. Teas Unique explains the area here. I open the packet and find small green twisted leaves. The colour is a nice solid green and the aroma is fantastic! At first, it smells like fresh cut grass, but then it has that sweet warm nuttiness – like chestnuts – that I love in a green tea. I know this will be a good one!

I steep the tea as directed: 1 teaspoon for 2 minutes at 80 degrees. I pour out a bright, lemon yellow tea that smells deeply of chestnuts. Wow… that aroma instantly melts all my cares away. Oh My Goodness! That. Is. Delicious. It is so full of chestnut flavour… it’s lovely! Underneath, there is a little bit of green grass and fresh vegetables… like peapods. But that fresh and nutty flavour is just amazing! This is so easy to drink – it’s gone in a flash. I wonder if I can get another cup out of it.

boseong grandma cup

Boseong Sejak in Grandma’s teacup

Yup! The second cup – also at 2 minutes – steeps a shade deeper than the first and smells a little grassier. The flavour is a little less nutty and a little more vegetal, and now there is a tiny hint of astringency at the finish. It’s so packed with flavour though, it’s still a great cup! It always amazes me that a tea that looks so light in colour can pack such wicked flavour. I really love it.

cup 2 boseong

Boseong Sejak – cup 2

It’s so nice when you find a perfect little treasure hidden amongst the craziness of everyday life. It’s great to be able to take that fleeting moment to just appreciate something beautiful.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Teas Unique for sending me this sample!

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