Masters Collection Fujian Jasmine Pearl: adagio teas


fujian jasmine pearl green tea by adagio teas

I could practice my ukulele. I could write a poem. I could paint a miniature picture in my miniature book. I could do the laundry or the dishes. I could catch up on the cooking shows I missed. I could read one of my new books. I could go to the gym.

I think I’ll just sit here and drink my jasmine tea and stare out the window and watch the planes floating up and down the flight path over my head. It’s warm inside – quiet – peaceful. Nobody’s making any noise, and nobody’s stinking up my apartment with their weed. It’s a perfect quiet night. I think I’ll blog.

fujian pearls

cute tin, Toshima teapot, and fujian jasmine pearl green tea

I got this gorgeous Masters Collection Fujian Jasmine Pearls tea from adagio teas and it came in a super cute little tin with a temple printed on the sides and a purple lid. It’s adorable! I had my mother here for the weekend and when she smelled the tea inside, she went into some kind of jasmine ecstasy, remembering her favourite little Chinese restaurant where she and my dad used to go years ago. I could see the joy that memory brought her, and it was wonderful to watch. Tea takes you places. Sometimes you get to hitchhike on someone else’s time machine – and that’s cool too.

So, today I’m trying the tea for myself. I open the tin to find cute little pearls, tightly wrapped. The jasmine smells really sweet and fresh – not too delicate – not too strong. I place about 10 pearls in my Toshima teapot from adagio teas. I’m making a whole pot because I know I’ll want more. I steep it for about 2 minutes and pour it into a mug.

jasmine pearls in mug

fujian jasmine pearl green tea in a mug

The first sip is just perfection. It is exactly as it smells – sweet, fresh, and clean. It’s a good jasmine strength – noticeably jasmine, but not overpowering. I’ve had jasmine teas stronger and weaker than this. This one hits the sweet spot – right in the middle. The tea itself is very mild and clean, and I think I’m getting notes of caramel. I don’t know where that’s coming from, but it’s OK. The jasmine is what lingers. It’s a sweet, light perfume that goes nicely with the silence in my room. The second cup is just as enjoyable.

I loved this tea because it’s perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of jasmine. It’s so good, I don’t even feel bad about vegging out and doing big fat heaps of nothing. hmmm…. look at the pretty planes go by… 1… 2… 3….

Super BIG THANK YOU goes out to adagio teas for sending me this perfect tea and the perfectly cute little tin, and the teapot to steep it in!


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