Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Hwang Cha Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Red Tea: Teas Unique

hwang cha red

Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Hwang Cha (Lightly Oxidized) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Red Tea by Teas Unique

Whew! This tea wins for the longest name ever: “Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Hwang Cha (Lightly Oxidized) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Red Tea“! In the time it takes me to type it, I could almost be in Korea!

I just got back from shopping. I had to buy socks. More specifically – I had to buy grey socks. The problem is the rain. Getting dressed for a new job orientation meeting… wanted to look somewhat professional… put on my nice new grey pants and grey suede boots… looked outside… it’s pouring rain. Damn! Can’t wear grey suede boots in pouring rain. What else have I got? Shiny grey flats… Great! Now, what to wear for socks?? Black ones? Noooo…. Beige ones? Nooooo… Why the heck don’t I have any grey socks to go with my grey pants and grey shoes and pouring rain?? So now I need the shiny grey shoes for the pouring rain, and I’ll have to change my pants to black ones so that I can wear black socks in the shiny grey shoes. And this shirt doesn’t even look good with black, so now I have to change that too! And all because I don’t have grey socks! My room is becoming a disaster zone of shoes, socks, and pants and NONE of them work together in the pouring frickin rain!! It’s been raining every day for about twelve and a half years… I can’t even…

So my point is… after all that grey sock shopping (and don’t even get me started on the price of grey socks!) I’ve just come home soooooooooooooooo thirsty for tea, I’m dying! You know when you’re standing in a store and it’s pouring rain outside and you just cannot wait to get home and have a nice warm cuppa tea?! It’s all I could think of!

I open up the packet and sniff… It smells like fresh grass, green beans, and butter. It’s kind of strange for a “red” tea, but let’s see how it steeps. I’m using about 1 tsp of tea in a gaiwan for about 90 seconds.

hwang cha red grandma cup 1

Korean Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Hwang Cha (Lightly Oxidized) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Red Tea in Grandma’s teacup

And now! The aroma! My goodness! So beautifully sweet – honey and corn syrup! Wow! I kind of don’t want to drink it because I doubt it can taste as wonderful as it smells! Ohhhhhhhhh but it IS! It is delightfully sweet and mellow. It’s like heaven in the mouth. OK… more clear… It hits your mouth with smooth notes of caramel and malt, but it’s not heavy or dark. It’s light, golden, clean, and sweet. It’s got that classic “tea” flavour but with absolutely zero bitterness or astringency. It’s super smooth. It’s… gone.

cup 2 red hwang cha

Cup 2 – Just as delicious!

Cup two – I steep for 2 minutes. This cup has a deeper malt flavour and leans more toward the darker side of sweet – not so much corn syrup, but more like caramel and molasses. Still no bitterness! This tea is amazing! I absolutely LOVE it! The aftertaste is fresh, clean, slightly floral, and a wee bit malty. Pure perfection! I think it’s my new favourite. I’m going for a third cup! Wow! Still sweet, clean, and smooth, but not quite as deep in flavour. Still fantastic!

I feel so much better now! AND – The sun has come out! I’d better get out on my balcony and enjoy it for 5 minutes before the next downpour hits – aaahhhh life in Toronto…

Huge THANK YOU to Teas Unique for providing this sample. It’s my favourite so far!



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