Thailand Sticky Rice ‘Khao Hom’ Oolong Tea: What-Cha

sticky rice oolong

Thailand Sticky Rice ‘Khao Hom’ Oolong by What-Cha

Well, I’m supposed to be writing a thing for work. It’s supposed to be a thing about me… to introduce myself to my new company. I’m finding it incredibly difficult. And that’s kind of weird because I’ve been blogging about myself in various forms for 6 years! Why is it so hard to write one little 5-minute thing for work? So, to get the wheels turning, I think I’ll blog about tea instead. Tea is the best diversion! Also, it’s cold in here, so I need something to warm me up.

This Thailand Sticky Rice ‘Khao Hom’ Oolong Tea by What-Cha sounds perfectly divine. One of my favourite things on earth is sticky rice… especially wrapped in banana leaves! I only ever get it when I’m with friends and we go to a nice Thai restaurant for a special occasion, so it’s got good vibes attached to it. I wonder how they make this taste like sticky rice?

I open the packet to find tightly rolled green lumps that look like Tie Guan Yin. I stick my nose in the bag and WWWOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! This smells so good! It smells like a combination of butter, rice, condensed milk and flower petals. It’s making my brain spin, it smells so yummy!! I don’t even need to steep it. The aroma alone is making me happy. Oh my gosh… it’s so nice! I’d like my pillow to be made of this so I could breathe it all night long… you know, like some people do with lavender. I don’t like lavender, so maybe sticky rice oolong is my thing!

OK, I steep 1 tbsp of tea in my push-button steeper for about 1 minute. The tea is a pale golden yellow. The aroma is just fabulous! It smells exactly like sticky rice… sweet, buttery, and with the rice smell that I remember from my rice paddy front yard in Japan! It gives me chills. It’s amazing.

sticky 1

Thailand Sticky Rice ‘Khao Hom’ Oolong in Grandma’s teacup

I take the first sip and I don’t even have words for how warm and comforting this is. It tastes amazingly like rice, or… corn. Actually, it tastes like ‘Corn Pops’ cereal! It’s got a soft, buttery rice-y corn-y flavour… kind of like creamed corn, but the after-taste has just a hint of soft flowers – almost jasmine…but too faint and powdery to identify. Wow! This is such a complex assortment of grain-y buttery goodness. Yeah… it’s leaving a taste of buttered popcorn in my mouth. I love it!



Cup 2 – slightly darker – just as falvourful

Let’s try cup 2. I steep it for 2 minutes and it’s a nice golden yellow colour. The smell is heavenly… like buttery rice flowers! haha… yeah, that’s a thing. This one still has the butter flavour and the ‘Corn Pops’, but the floral notes are more pronounced. It’s a wonderful combination. Very fresh and lively and clean. I could drink this all night.  I think I need cup 3.

Cup 3 is a shade darker yet – rich gold. And the aroma is still all sticky rice! The flavour has really changed from the first one, though. It’s much more floral in the mouth, with a tiny touch of astringency creeping in. The aftertaste is like butter and flowers – but clean.

I’m so glad I got stuck on my work writing and took a break to try this tea. It’s the best one I’ve had in a long time. I will definitely be ordering more of this in my next What-Cha order… along with my beloved Malawi Satemwa Antlers White which I just ran out of. *sigh* – 100 teas in my tea stash and I still need to have that one – and now this one. Crazy.

OK, back to my ‘other’ horrible writing. Thanks, tea.

Big giant Thank You to Alistair at What-Cha for sending this as a sample. It’s awesome (as usual)!

OMG! Guys, I went to get the link for this tea, and it’s now different on What-Cha’s site. The next closest one is Thailand ‘Jin Xuan’ Sticky Rice Oolong. I can’t speak about that one, but if it’s anything like this ‘Khao Hom’, it will be fantastic.

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