Maybe Baby: Samova


Maybe Baby by Samova

So, my very good friend lives in England, and she gets to travel around Europe once in a while, which just sounds divine to this North America-bound girl – I mean, from here, you can drive to Canada, or more of Canada, or the States if you’re feeling brave enough. But that’s pretty much it. Spain, Belgium, Italy… all sounds grand, but gosh, they’re a long way from here! This friend recently brought me goodies from her trip to Germany, and this tea has been calling my name.

I like the cute little tin, and the name is awesome! “Maybe Baby” sounds like a guessing game to me, and when I look at the list of ingredients, that’s exactly what it is. I don’t know a single word of German, so I’m gonna use my sleuthing skills to figure out what’s inside. Here’s my attempt to figure it out, based on my awesome linguistic powers.

  1. Hibiscusbluten – obviously, hibiscus something… I’m gonna go with hibiscus blood.
  2. Sultaninen – sultanas = raisins. Too easy.
  3. Rote-bete-wurfel = guessing…. red beet something… red beet chips? Maybe Baby… see how that works?
  4. Ananaswurfel – I know ananas in French is pineapple – so pineapple… and there’s the wurfel again… going with pineapple chips
  5. reismehl – Rice meal? Maybe Baby!
  6. Apfelstucke – apple stick? apple glue? Dunno, I’m stuck.
  7. Karottenflocken – Carrot flakes is my guess.
  8. Hagebutte – hag butt…. I have no idea what this could be… hag butt… no clue.
  9. SuBholzwurzel – sub-wha??? clearly submarine chips.
  10. Erdbeerstucke – sounds to me like earth beer glue – hey, BEER! Maybe NOT Baby…
  11. Naturl Aromen – Natural flavour – well, that could mean anything.

Am I right? Maybe Baby! I could just Google translate it, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, my ESL teacher brain won’t let me (you have to live here to get it). Let’s open the tin and see what’s inside. WOW! Big chunks of fruit! Smells yummyyyyy – sweet, and fruity like berries! Let’s have a closer look and see what I can identify.

good stuff

Fruity flowery vegetably stuff

From left to right then: big chunks of pineapple, raisin, hibiscus petal, some kind of black berry-ish thing, strawberry chunk, carrot peel, black beet peel (maybe baby), and rosehip. That’s all the bits that I can clearly identify… I don’t know which one is the hag butt.


beet blood? Maybe Baby!

I put a heaping tbsp in my magic steeper, add boiling water, and let it steep for 8 minutes, as directed (in German… yeah, I figured out that much). Ooohhh, it’s really pretty watching the beet flakes bleed purple-red trails all through the water! Quite gothic looking! The tea comes up a brilliant dark beet-red-purple, and when I pour it out, my whole house smells like apple and raspberry pie!

beet red

beet-red berry-smelling goodness!

The first sip is a bit tart from the hibiscus, but then there’s a nice sweet apple and berry flavour – just lots of luscious red and black and purple berries – and then an earthy/soil flavour that must be from the beets. I’m not a huge fan of hibiscus, but it’s actually not too overpowering here since it’s bursting with berries and sweetness.  This almost tastes like candy – but then there’s that little hint of earth – just enough to keep you grounded and remind you where good things come from.

So, if you ever get the chance to try this berry nice tisane from Germany, you can play “Maybe Baby” too and try to figure out what the ingredients are, along with me. Or maybe you already know. Don’t tell me. I like the mystery!

You can find Maybe Baby here on the Samova website, which is really pretty! Looks like you can switch it to English if you don’t feel like playing guessing games.

SUPER BIG THANKS to Tonya Tonya – for the awesome tea from Germany! My first ever!


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