Colombia Bitaco ‘Wire’ Green: What-Cha

watercolour day

watercolour day

I woke up to a washed out watercolour day. There’s a weird clarity of light in the air that’s like fog without fog, sun without sun, dull overall, but hyper-sharp edges. It’s clean and cold, but the colours are Fall-warm. It’s weirdly watery, but without rain. And it’s still; not a leaf moving. Of course, I need tea, and I want something clear, crisp, and still – to match the day.

wire green colombia

Colombia Bitaco ‘Wire’ Green by What-Cha

I’m thinking green or white tea, and I’ve just received this Colombia Bitaco ‘Wire’ Green from What-Cha. It’s my first tea from Colombia, and I’m intrigued. I open the packet and sniff… mmmm… smells fruity like raspberries! I pull out the tea – fine little wires, one to two inches long.



I steep a tsp of tea in a mini teapot for about 2 minutes at about 80°C. The tea comes up a nice clear pale yellow – matching the day. I sip – and it’s clean, sweet, and so gentle – a whisper of  sweet hay or corn.  It’s so nice. No bitterness – no drama – just clear sweet Fall flavours.

wire green

Colombia Bitaco ‘Wires’ Green in Grandma’s teacup

I spilled cup number two all over the kitchen floor, so I can’t tell you about that one – you’ll have to ask the floor. I don’t expect much from cup three – for a tea so light and gentle, I can’t imagine it can stand up to three steepings. Let’s see.

It comes up just as yellow, so that’s a good sign, and when I taste – it’s actually surprisingly good. The flavour is a bit more developed – more full, less sweet, and with a touch of astringency at the end. It’s still got that clean hay/straw flavour, but not so much of the corn.

cup 2 wire

Cup 3 – (2 is on the floor!)

This is a really satisfying gentle tea, with a pleasant lingering sweetness. It’s perfect for a clear, crisp day with muted light and silvery clouds. I doubt that Colombia has many days like this – but I don’t know – I’ve never been.  If you know, give me a shout!

What-Cha no longer has this Colombian tea on the website, so I can’t hook you up, but do check out their fabulous collection HERE. Or, check some of my other What-Cha favourites: Satemwa Antlers WhiteThailand Sticky Rice ‘Khao Hom’ Oolong, and Nepal Rolled Oolong.




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