Yunnan Rose Dragon Ball Black Tea: Tea Vivre

Pretty in Pink! Isn’t she? Isn’t she Pretty in Pink! And now I have the Psychedelic Furs and Molly Ringwald (1986) stuck in my head! Thanks Tea Vivre!  (yeah, Molly was my teen dream queen… I totally had a girl-crush on her… wanted her hair, her pout, her clothes, her “Duckie”.)

This little rosebud tea ball comes all wrapped up in a little cello-wrap with pink stars and a cute little polka-dot twist. How could you NOT think “Pretty in Pink” while sipping it?

wraped up

Absolutely adorable!

This little gem almost didn’t make it to my teacup. It was accidentally sent to the wrong apartment. When Tea Vivre told me it had been delivered, I was just confused. Where was it? Certainly not here! After a little investigating, I tracked down my neighbour who had received the tea – and he still had it! Why he didn’t “return to sender” I’ll never know, but he brought it back to me with a big smile on his face! So here’s to you, Neighbour! There are some good people still left in this world!

So, this is a cute floral tea ball from Yunnan province. I’m not sure if it’s one of those fancy blooming teas, or just a bunch of loose tea and roses compressed into a ball. I’m going to steep it in my glass teapot just to watch and see what happens.

rosebud tea

floating roses

I toss it in “grandpa style”, pour the water, and wait about 2 minutes. Interesting! The tea ball has exploded into a mass of curly tea leaves and 3 pink rosebuds have floated up to the surface of the water. The tea smells malty and rose-y. When I pour it out, the rosebuds fall into my pink rose teacup, so it’s super pretty and girly.

teacup rose

Yunnan Rose Dragon Ball Black Tea in Grandma’s teacup

The tea tastes like a fairly standard, mild black tea. There may be a hint of maltiness, and there may be a tiny hint of astringency.  I’m not really getting the rose flavour and that’s too bad because I love rose tea. Oh! I know! I’ll add some rose petals – I think I have some somewhere in the tea stash. Yesssssss!

rose soup

Rose soup?

So now I have just about the prettiest cup of tea I’ve ever seen! It’s starting to look like some kind of rose soup – and it smells divine! And the flavour – still tastes like a nice mild black tea – with a gorgeous rose aftertaste. It’s quite light, earthy, and not too overpowering. This looks like it needs a garden party to go with it. Who wants to organize one? I’ll wear pink! I wonder if Duckie will come?

BIG THANK YOU to Tea Vivre for providing this sample, and for alerting me to the missing package. Glad I found it!

*Hearing the song in your head now? Here’s the Furs. Go!

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