formosa oolong: adagio teas

By now it is widely acknowledged that 2016 was the worst year ever. Certainly, 2016 was the worst year of my life in every way imaginable. It was filled with darkness, sickness, poverty, stress, and death. Yowzers! What a dismal way to start a post. But wait… I have a point, and it is this; TODAY the sky is blue and the birds are singing and everything, everything, everything is new, and better and brighter than before.

So, why this moment of Zen? It just dawned on me that I missed my 3rd bloggiversary back in January. Four months of not blogging just slipped by as I dealt with the aftermath of 2016. So now that the sky is blue and Polly’s picking up the pieces… it’s time to say Happy 3rd Bloggiversary, teawithpolly – a little late, but better late than never, right? Renewal and rebirth don’t need to be restricted to special anniversary dates – today’s renewal – and this year’s renewal – and this blog’s renewal start today. What better way to start my newly transformed life than with a cup of tea!

Today, I’m going with “formosa oolong“, generously provided by adagio teas. Inside the packet, I find small black/brown twists with a roasted, earthy, mineral aroma. There are little floral notes hiding underneath – spring flowers poking up through winter soil.

I steep 1 tsp of leaves for 60 seconds and the tea is a clear golden brown. It smells like autumn leaves. The flavour is very mild – slightly nutty – toasted, earthy – with maybe a wee hint of something floral. Chrysanthemums, I think. And paper. Paper? That’s a new one for me! I don’t think I’ve had a tea that tastes like paper. Somehow, I love that! There’s something intellectually pleasing about a tea that tastes like paper. I think this could be the next big thing for book nerds!

I need a second cup to see if the paper thing is an illusion… or maybe it’s changed between cup 1 and cup 2. Let’s see… I steep this one for just under 2 minutes. The colour is the same light, clear brown. The flavour is pretty consistent! The same toasted nuts, autumn leaves, and forest floor, the same hints of chrysanthemum and paper, and no bitterness to speak of. The aftertaste is also unique. It’s powdery – like softly scented talcum powder – a little floral, a little dry, and a little sweet. It’s kind of weird, but nice.

Earth. Leaves. Paper. That’s the final impression.  It’s a very nice mild oolong. Not too strong, not too bitter, not too dark. It’s a nice tea for a little energy boost at the start of the day. I think it goes well with new beginnings.

BIG THANK YOU to adagio teas for providing this sample.

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