Dr. Hastings’ Whim – Oolong: What-Cha


Dr. Hastings’ Whim by What-Cha

Paging Dr. Hastings… Paging Dr. Hastings… We have a medical emergency on the 6th floor. Patient needs tea: STAT!

I don’t know who Dr. Hastings is, but I think I’ve found the cure for… everything. It’s Dr. Hastings’ Whim – Oolong Tea from Malawi, by What-Cha, and it is divine!

Let’s do a little research in the tea lab here, and see what we’ve got.

The tea is crisp roasted brown leaves, and when I stick my nose in the packet, it’s all oranges and buttery shortbread and sweet pistachios. It’s so gorgeous and sweet and perfume-y, it makes my head swim. In a good way.

whim cup1

Dr. Hastings’ Whim in Grandma’s teacup

I steep a tbsp of tea in a mini teapot for 40 seconds and the tea is a clear, light peach colour. It smells like oranges and butterscotch. So dreamy! The first sip is sooooooo delicious – smooth, buttery chestnut flavours with hints of orange and a touch of toasted earth. I can’t find any bitterness at all, but there is a tiny little hint of astringency at the end. The aftertaste is of citrus and chestnuts. It feels like summer (even though it’s currently snowing up a storm here in Toronto – booo!)


Cup 2 – clear and light

I steep a second cup for 60 seconds. It’s such a super sunny peach colour, it makes me happy just looking at it. This one is much more earthy. It’s got a more metallic-mineral undertone that wasn’t there before. Although the nutty sweetness is harder to find, the tea is buttery in the mouth, and I still get oranges in the aftertaste. The second cup was very nice, but the first was perfection in a teacup!

I’m curious about the name and origin of this tea, but when I check What-Cha’s site, the tea isn’t there anymore! Wow! I did receive it quite a while ago, so I guess I’m a bit behind the times. Oops! Didn’t mean to lead you on like this. I hope What-Cha gets this back in stock because it’s a nice addition to the Malawi collection. I hope one day we get to find out who Dr. Hastings is and discover the secret behind the whim. For now, take two cups of oolong, and call me in the morning.

BIG THANK YOU to What-Cha for another excellent tea. They may or may not have supplied this to me free of charge. I’ve ordered quite a bit from them, so they get all mixed up. I know, I know…. poor documentation on my part, but after the school year I’ve just completed, I consider myself lucky just to get the tea in the cup.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Hastings’ Whim – Oolong: What-Cha

    • Thanks for sharing that info, Robin! It’s great to hear where things come from. And I think it’s just amazing how the actions of one person in a far away place can have a real impact on someone else in another far away place. You never know how far your actions will spread!


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