dancong aria: adagio teas


dancong aria by adagio teas

It’s a quick post today cuz I’m buried in homework! One more week til the end of term, and 10 major assignments due. It’s awful. Luckily, classes were moved online today, so I don’t have to go in. That helps. It doesn’t help my spinning head… but it helps.

So, let’s get to the tea! This dancong aria oolong from adagio teas brings a huge smile to my face as soon as I open the package. I inhale deeply, and it’s all sweet, dark fruits like blackberries, currants, black cherries and strawberries. It’s reminding me of some of my favourite old-time candy – cherry nibs and black licorice pipes! It’s very comforting and familiar. There’s also a hint of smokiness, and something tart – like mango or guava. Wow! That’s a lot of flavours just from sticking my nose in the packet. Let’s see how it steeps.


dancong aria in Grandma’s teacup

I put a large clump of tea in my push-button teapot and steep in boiling water for about 1 minute. The tea is a clear reddish-brown, and the aroma is toasted hay. The first sip is… Wow! This is so weirdly delicious! All I can think of is guava! Tea, for sure… and guava! I’m not sure why this is so tropical tasting, but I quite like it! Strangely, I’m not getting any of those dark berry flavours that I could smell at first. Even the aftertaste is a wee bit tropical and tart like guava… with a tiny little hint of astringency. I’m so intrigued by the flavour, I head over to adagio.com to see what’s up.

Well, this is interesting! They think it has a “perfumy aroma of orchids and almonds”, with flavours of “fresh apricot, peach pit and honey”. That kind of explains a lot. I’m not getting orchids and almonds, but yes… there is a lot of apricot-y peachiness going on, and the aftertaste is sweeeet and sticky golden fruits like apricots, peaches, mangoes, and guavas. It’s really yummy! This is so interesting… I need a second cup.

I steep this one for 1 minute and the colour is a bit lighter… more golden. It still smells like hay. The flavour is more astringent, less tropical, but still peachy/fruity. The surprise is that the aftertaste is still guava, and it seems to last and last, long after I finish the cup.

This tea has been totally surprising, and delightful! I had no idea it was going to be so fruity, so tropical, and so long-lasting. I think I’m in love with it, and I can’t wait to drink it again tomorrow! I love it when that happens! Hopefully, this feeling of bliss will carry me through several hours of homework!

SUPER BIG THANK YOU to adagio teas for providing this sample!

2 thoughts on “dancong aria: adagio teas

  1. This is one that I really enjoyed too. Dancong oolongs are a bit hard to find but they’re fascinating because they can mimic so many other flavors. It’s interesting that their description mentioned almonds. I didn’t taste it in this tea either but one of my favorite Dancongs is called Ju Duo Zai. It actually tastes exactly like almonds!

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