Superfine Taiwan Moderately-Roasted Dong Ding Oolong Tea: Tea Vivre

2016 dong ding

Superfine Taiwan Moderately-Roasted Dong Ding Oolong Tea by Tea Vivre

So, I ordered a new sofa back at the beginning of May (right after I got laid off! Hah! Smart move!). It arrived in mid June… damaged. It went back on the truck the same day. I’m still waiting for the replacement. July 23.

I moved into a new apartment back in the middle of March. I got barked out of my frickin mind by the 24-hour-a-day doggie chorus hailing from all sides. I’m moving out in another week. That’s 2 moves in less than 4 months.

I came back from vacation to find my internet had been cut off for no known reason. It took 8 days, 15 phone calls, 3 apoplectic fits, and one complaint to the Better Business Bureau to get it turned back on.

I’ve been waiting for a week for the government to respond to my request for information regarding my money (lack thereof, to be specific)… no response. Called them 3 times on 3 days… total of 3.5 hours on hold… no joke. They can’t tell me what’s wrong.

I might have got an email about it, but I can’t access the email until they send me the access code in the mail… and there is a mail strike on. Not sure how that works, exactly, but the phone-call took another 90 minutes.

I guess I’ve just been wondering what’s going wrong in the world. Why can’t people just do the stuff they are paid to do? Why is every single thing a hassle and a fight?

Every. Single. Thing.

I’m so so so so so so so exhausted from fighting with every single organization that I have to deal with every single day. I’m finding it hard to smile anymore. My co-workers are afraid of me. I’m afraid of me.

And then I looked at my tea blog and saw that things have been so crappy, that I haven’t even posted any tea in over 2 months. Yup… that’s about when things started falling apart one piece at a time.

Then I looked at my tea cupboard and was reminded of the unbelievable and unfailing generosity of my tea friends and tea companies who have never once let me down, and who have kept me stocked in a truly awe-inspiring selection of the finest teas on the planet, and I felt really humbled. People have given me these beautiful, exquisite little treasures with no obligations attached, and I need to just sit here and think on that for a bit, and maybe I can find my smile again.

This one caught my attention today because of the word “Superfine”. If ever I needed to experience a little bit of “Superfine-ness”, it is now. Let’s see…

I open the packet and the aroma is fantastic! It’s fruity like apples, earthy like stones, a little bit roasted like smoky hay, and a wee bit tangy like wine-soaked fruit and roses. It’s rich.

I steep about 1 tsp of the tight brown/green balls in a basket strainer for 3 minutes and I get a beautifully light, sparkly yellow tea that smells like toasted hay and flowery apples.


Grandma’s teacups are all packed away for moving, so all the pretty tea is going into “ugly mugs” for now. Sorry, tea.

The first sip is clean, light, and surprisingly WOW! Wow! It’s so good! It hits my mouth with a toasted barley flavour, and quickly transforms to sweet, luscious floral, and then I get the fruity apple-y flavour in the aftertaste. It reminds me of a more well-behaved, shier version of Tea Vivre’s Anxi Monkey King. The fruity floral tones are all there, but so much more subtle and playful, and teasing. It’s delicate, but rich at the same time. I absolutely love the long-lasting fruity aftertaste. Fresh apples. Crispy.

I would love to have another cup, but I dare not at this late hour. I’m hoping the leaves will keep overnight and I’ll try another infusion for breakfast. It’s not that far away. Anybody else ever try that?

This gorgeous “way-beyond-superfine” tea was generously provided to me by TeaVivre. And yes, it did put a smile on my face for the first time in weeks; no phone-calls necessary. THANKS for that!

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