JEJU Island Dream Green Tea: Osulloc


JEJU Island Dream Green Tea by Osulloc

It’s a dull grey, cold day here in Toronto, and I’ve been listening to the neighbour’s dog whining and crying for almost 2 hours, until I want to whine and cry myself! The weather makes me cranky, and I just want to scream “What is wrong with you people?” at the top of my lungs until their ears bleed. Too negative? I think I’m in serious need of some green tea therapy! This “JEJU Island Dream Green Tea” by Osulloc looks like it should be sunny and calming. Hope it works!

jeju dream teabag

pretty tea pyramid with bits of fruit and green tea leaves

First, I put on some soothing Celtic music. Then I put on the kettle. Then I open the package and am instantly hit with the refreshing, breezy peachy apricot flavour. As I inhale, I’m reminded of the elderflower tea by TeaGeeks. It’s sweet, peachy, and gently floral. As I inhale deeply the grey sky momentarily turns blue.

in meas cup

measuring cup as a steeper

I steep at 80 degrees for about 1 minute… in a measuring cup. I don’t know where the teapots and steepers are… still packed in boxes somewhere. *sigh*… no matter. The tea steeps to a lovely clear pale yellow and it smells like a blend of peach and apricot which is nice and light and summery. The flavour is just that… light, summery, sweet… but not too sweet. Slightly floral and peachy… but not too peachy… definitely apricot; a much more subtle, muted peach flavour. It’s a very pretty, cheery sort of tea. I need a second cup!

jeju dream in cup

JEJU Island Dream Green Tea in Grandma’s teacup

The second cup is every bit as good. I’ve managed to steep both perfectly, which is a rare feat! The green tea itself is gentle, mildly sweet, and sort of hiding behind the floral/apricot taste. But, there is no hint of bitterness or astringency and the aftertaste is a lovely light, clean floral peach flavour that lasts.

Well, the music is done, and the dog is still howling, and I don’t know how I’m going to get through the day… but I am feeling more calm and focused. Maybe if I put on some headphones and immerse myself in my work, I can pretend that everything is OK for a few hours. Wish me luck!

SUPER BIG THANKS to my friend Sarah who brought me this and other Osulloc teas from Korea! I can’t find any English website to access, but I did find something available on eBay if you want to order your own!



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