lime gelato: DAVIDs TEA

lime gelato

lime gelato by DAVIDs  TEA

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions in life. Sometimes you have to choose between less than perfect circumstances. It’s agonizing, but when all options have been exhausted, a decision must be made. I’m talking about my apartment and the apartment hunting that I’ve been doing for the past 4 days. I’m exhausted and defeated. I just can’t do it anymore. I need to stop and put my life back together. I need to unpack my boxes.

Luckily, one thing that is NOT a tough decision is this “Lime Gelato” tea by DAVIDs TEA. One of my co-workers left this for me on my desk one morning. How sweet is that?! This one smells soooooooooooo amazing! Just like lime gelato, lime sorbet, or key lime pie. Sweet, limey, and creamy. I’m imagining lime creamsicles… if that isn’t a thing… it SHOULD be!! The pretty tea contains apple, sencha, pineapple, lemongrass, and artificial flavouring. I’m going to overlook that and just focus on the dizzyingly delicious aroma.

lime gelato in cup

lime gelato in a mug; lovely limey creamy tea

I steep this in a basket steeper for about 5 minutes at 85 degrees. The tea is a light lime-yellow with a bit of sediment at the bottom. It smells divine. The first sip hits me with a tartness like lime-infused water, but after I swallow, I get the sweet, creamy lime flavour promised on the packet. I can also taste the green tea. It’s not just lime, but there most definitely is some light ‘tea’ flavour as well. It’s quite simple. Lime, tea, cream. This would be wonderful iced, in a pitcher, on my balcony on a sunny day… which I have. Now. Both… sunny and balcony. Yup… I think I need to stay in this dog-infested, noisy apartment… and enjoy my tea on the balcony, and forget about the fruitless searching for a new “Home Sweet Home”. This is it. My final decision. This lime gelato tea, and this balcony. Done!


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