Ceylon Idulgashinna Hand-Twisted ‘Blue Nettle’ Oolong Tea: What-Cha

Ceylon blue nettle

Ceylon Idulgashinna Hand-Twisted ‘Blue Nettle’ Oolong Tea: What-Cha

Did you think the last tea was weird lookin’? Well, hold onto your hats, cuz this one is the granddaddy of weird lookin’ teas! Am I supposed to drink it, or SMOKE it?! This “Ceylon Idulgashinna Hand-Twisted ‘Blue Nettle’ Oolong Tea” by What-Cha is the latest in my ‘Ceylon’ series, and I’m totally stunned by it!

finger nettles

finger-length ‘cigars’

The leaves are as long as my baby fingers, and twisted into firm, tight ‘cigar’ shapes. One end is pointy, and one end is frayed. I love it when a tea surprises me like that! The aroma coming from the packet is buttery and peachy, so I’m hoping for good things.

I steep 2 of the cigars in a cup; “grandpa-style”. Since they are so big and so tightly twisted together, I figured I don’t really need a filter or teapot. One ‘bud’ has decided to float on  the top, and the other has decided to stand upright like it’s trying to escape. After about 5 minutes, I lift the bundles out with chopsticks. They are slightly looser, but still hold their shape, and the tea itself is a nice golden honey colour.

with chopsticks

steeped leaves: long fat bundles

The first sip is very mild and clean tasting with a tiny bit of toasted hay flavour, a touch of malt, and a wee little bit of apricot.  It’s a really lovely light oolong… just the perfect balance of fruity and roasty; mild and sweet. Thank goodness there is no ‘cigar’ or other uh… ‘smokable substance’ flavour! This is clean and smooth… almost like a white tea, but with just enough of the toasted malty roastiness to let me know that it’s an oolong! That’s what I love about oolongs… they can be all over the map, and they always surprise me! Mmmmm… and in the aftertaste, as I sit here writing, there is a definite peachy/apricot flavour that lingers in my mouth.

So, this started with the “Blink Bonnie“, and continued with the “Nightingale“, and this “Blue Nettle” is the last of the Ceylon Idulgashinna Hand-Made Oolongs that I ordered. All of the teas are gentle, mild, sweet, clean and light, with no astringency. They all have different flavour notes, but all were delicious and fresh. I count myself lucky to be able to drink these over the next few weeks. If you’re into weird looking, but delicious light oolongs, you definitely need to check these out from What-Cha!

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