strawberry rhubarb parfait: DAVIDs TEA

Today is a very good day for tea! You see, DAVIDs TEA is giving away free cups of tea at all locations today! Happy Leap Year! I don’t know if they are all offering the same teas, but my neighbourhood branch had on offer this “strawberry rhubarb parfait“, or “mom’s apple pie“. I opted for the ‘strawberry rhubarb’ because it sounded weirder than apple pie and I’m always attracted to the weirdest and most unique teas that I can find. So anyway, I got this giant cup of bright red tea that smells exactly like strawberry and rhubarb pie with something caramelized… like meringue, or caramel sauce, or burnt sugar. It smells just like the strawberry rhubarb pies that my Dad used to make. We always grew rhubarb in the garden… still do… I LOVE that sweet/tart flavour… especially where the juices run into the pie crust and make it all sweet and sour and gooey. This smells like that.

AAAAAAND… while I was there, I inquired about the awesome “moment of zen” from yesterday, which is not on their website anymore… and they HAD IT! So I bought 100g of that and got a FREE green rainbow tea-tin to boot! Free tea, free tin, and “moment of zen” in stock! What a great day!

moment of zen

moment of zen” in a free tin with free “strawberry rhubarb parfait“! What could be better than that?

So, strawberry rhubarb parfait is smelling so delicious and tantalizing… let’s get to that. It first hits my mouth with tart hibiscus and at the same time, rhubarb! Nice! Then, as it rolls around in my mouth, I get more of the strawberry and rhubarb combination. But it’s after I swallow that I get this weirdly delicious caramel-creamy-golden meringue-y, marshmallow and strawberry flavoured awesomeness. Wow! It’s hard to describe. Does it taste like a parfait? uhhhh… yeah… it kinda does. But what it really reminds me of is those old-fashioned “toasted coconut marshmallows” if they were somehow strawberry and rhubarb flavoured. It’s actually really delicious after you get past the initial hibiscus. It’s all so strange… I have to see what’s actually in this. A quick peek at DAVIDs TEA’s website reveals all: Apple, hibiscus, raisins, carrot, yogurt bits (milk powder, sugar, maltodextrin, modified starch, citric acid), beetroot, strawberry, rhubarb, natural and artificial flavouring. Well, that is NOT AT ALL what I expected! But somehow, it all adds up to a deliciously creamy, sweet, tart, strawberry and rhubarb blend that inspires lots of happy rhubarb memories! I don’t know if I’d buy this, but I would happily drink it again.

I wonder if I should go back and ask for the “mom’s apple pie“… would that be too greedy?

Did anybody else get their free DAVIDs TEA today? Leave a comment and let me know what you got!

2 thoughts on “strawberry rhubarb parfait: DAVIDs TEA

  1. so kicking myself!!! i wanted to SOOOO BAD!!! but the weather was not fairing for me to drive to the one in another town!! ‘m still a classic love to DT’s Strawberry Rubarb Crumble….i think i enjoy it straight than this milk version counterpart. I so need to sort through my collection it’s been a while since i dug into DT….i tend to have seasons of loose/bagged tea.

    I’m glad you got in on that free offer!! they are so good!
    Altar and Well.

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