moment of zen: DAVIDs TEA

moment of zen

moment of zen by DAVIDs TEA

Yesterday I packed 25 boxes. Today I need to pack 25 more. I woke up with a crushing headache. I need a “moment of zen” before I begin this daunting task. This zen moment consists of jasmine scented green tea, blackberries, mallow blossoms, cornflower blossoms, and natural blackberry flavouring.

When I was growing up, my grandparents lived in a little town, an hour away from us, in a little tiny pink house, on a big plot of land. Out in the back field, all along the perimeter of the property, there grew wild blackberry bushes. I used to love to go out in the summer and pick blackberries with my Grandma. We had to wade through the tall grass, over my head, to get to the bushes. We’d take a big bowl and fill it with fresh, little, sweet, wild blackberries, and bring them home, and stir them up with sugar, and eat bowlfuls of sweet blackberries with dinner… for breakfast… with lunch… until they were gone. Oh, that dark purple colour! They were soooooooooo sweet and delicious… one of my favourite memories! And there’s my moment of zen!

This tea smells wonderful! There is a tart, almost minty blackberry aroma that is definitely taking me back to Grandma’s field! I steep the tea in a basket strainer for about 1 minute. It’s a dark olive green colour with a purplish hue.

moment of zen cup2

moment of zen smells fantastic!

Ohhhhhh myyyyyy goodnesssss… that is goooooooooooooood! It tastes just like sunshine! Wow! This just tastes exactly like fresh purple blackberries. I can’t even explain that weirdly unique, fresh, leafy blackberry flavour. It’s absolutely fantastic! I think this might be my favourite tea so far from the “24 days of tea” box. Maybe it’s just nostalgia… or maybe it’s just THAT delicious! I think I’ll have to go buy some!

Ohhhh NOOOOOOOOO!!! It’s gone! I mean… the tea in my cup is gone… AND it’s gone from the store too! I hate it when that happens! I just find one that I really really love, and then I find it’s discontinued (think “dulce and banana“)! Phooey! So… I’m going to re-steep and try to get another cup out of this lot, and then I have enough leaf left for one more brew when I need another moment of zen.

I re-steep the leaves for 4 minutes. I can still taste the deliciosity as I’m waiting. The cup steeps up just about the same colour as before.

cup2 moment of zen

Cup 2 moment of zen

This one is close, but not quite as intensely blackberry-leafy. It’s still amazing! I could drink this one forever. I’d love to share it with friends, but I’m too selfish to part with the little that I have left! This has been a wild blackberry trip down memory lane… and a true “moment of zen” as I prepare to tackle the rest of my packing. I really hope DAVIDs TEA brings this back sometime soon. I would buy it in large quantities. I think Grandma would have liked it too!

zen leaf

broken and whole leaf green tea, and juicy berries!

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