Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea: Tea Vivre

Well, here I am, about to start packing for my upcoming move in 3 weeks! This will be about my 26th or 27th move in 20 years…. I’ve lost count. But, by now, I’m really really good at it! You might think that I just love moving, or I’m just really picky… but you’d be wrong! I hate it! My biggest dream in life is to own a place of my own. Just a place that I can settle down, and call my own, and never have to leave it again. But my life doesn’t seem to work out that way. As a renter, you always have places where they jack the rent too high, or they fall behind in repairs and things start breaking down, or they do too many repairs and you can’t stand the noise and the mess any more, or maybe you can’t stand the noise and the cigarette smoke from your neighbours, or maybe you just had a major flood and they refuse to make repairs, or maybe they are about to start jackhammering your balconies for the next 4 months and you just don’t think you can live through that again! Or maybe it’s “all of the above”. Anyway, I’m about to start packing, and I’m looking for some stamina in a teacup before I begin!

This Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea was part of Tea Vivre‘s Christmas promotion, and I just got the package about 2 weeks ago. I also got this adorable little dragonfly tasting cup which was part of last year’s spring promotion… I never got mine… long story… here it is! These Dragon Pearls smell AMAZING!! Rich, dark, fruity… like chocolate-covered dark berries and raisins!

steep 1

Steep 1 – 60 seconds. Too mild!

I’m steeping 3 pearls in a gaiwan for about 60 seconds. The pearls have barely opened, and the liquor is a light amber colour. It smells wonderful though… malty and plummy. The first sip is malty, but too mild. I want more flavour.

steep 2

Steep 2 – 2 minutes. Much better!

I go back and steep for another 60 seconds. Ahhhh yes… 2 minutes looks more like “tea”. And the flavour… heavenly! This hits my mouth with a rich, full-bodied “tea” flavour and floral notes… chrysanthemum? Underneath, there is a gorgeous malty, chocolatey, smooth taste like chocolate flowers that lasts and lasts and lasts! Delicious! It doesn’t last long, and I need a second cup.

steep 3

Steep 3 – 60 seconds. In Grandma’s teacup!

The 3rd steep (60 seconds) looks the same as #2. The flavour is every bit as nice. I get the taste of tea, a hint of floral notes, and a fabulous undercurrent of malt and chocolate. This time, there is a teeny tiny little hint of astringency, but nothing to worry about. I think 45 seconds would be sufficient for the second steep, after the pearls have opened up.

This is a wonderful, mellow, but rich, malty tea that I would be happy to drink any time. This is the tea you think of when you think of “tea”. It’s perfect! Thank you to Tea Vivre for remembering my teacup!

Now, to get packing… ugh… give me strength!

2 thoughts on “Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea: Tea Vivre

  1. Mmmmmmmm I love black / red dragon pearl tea. It’s one of my favorites to have during fall and winter. Did you notice how “leafy” each pearl was once it fully unfurled? It’s amazing how they can get so many tea leaves in there!

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    • Yes! You are right! It was an astounding amount of tea that filled my gaiwan! I saw that the pearls are hand-rolled, and it is pretty amazing that they can pack so much tea in there. I debated whether or not to put 5 balls in… but 3 was sufficient! I can see why it’s a favourite. It’s a beautiful flavour profile!

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