honey citrus raspberry: M&K’s TEA CO

citrus raspberry green

honey citrus raspberry by M&K’s TEA CO

So, I’ve been doing a great job of sticking to my New Year’s resolution. Back in December, my doctor put me on a new diet and provided me with materials to make it all easier… shopping lists, menu plans, etc.  I’ve been sticking to it pretty closely, and haven’t yet succumbed to the call of the KitKat. I’ve been dutifully eating my celery and carrot sticks for lunch, and NOT eating my beloved Weetabix for breakfast, and trying desperately to find enough proteins that I like to cobble together a dinner. It hasn’t really been difficult. It’s been easy enough. But, I’m hungry… like, REALLY hungry… RAVENOUSLY hungry at several points in the day, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. Today I did break down a little bit and made pasta (not whole wheat, or gluten-free, either) for dinner, and drowned it in a thick, fresh, homemade meat and tomato sauce. I just couldn’t stand the thought of going to bed hungry anymore! For the first time in weeks, I feel full. Not TOO full… I DID control the portion size. But just satisfyingly full. It feels good! And now, to lighten up the heavy meat and pasta, I’m ready for a lovely, light, fresh-tasting green tea! This ‘honey citrus raspberry’ green from M&K’s sounds like the perfect foil to my satisfyingly heavy meal!

The tea is full of bright bits of peel and raspberry, along with the rolled green tea. Oohhhh… there are some NICE ingredients in here! The tea is a HuangShan MaoFeng and Gunpowder blend, and there’s also the honey-roasted licorice root that I LOVED in Lavender Daze, and honey-roasted orange peel, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, lime peel, lemon peel, raspberries, and raspberry extract! Wow! I’m drooling just thinking about it! It smells like honey and raspberries!

I steep according to the package directions: 2 tsp in 8 oz water at near boiling for 2 minutes. The tea steeps to a beautiful rosy pink colour, and it smells sweet and tart like pink lemonade!

honey citrus

honey citrus raspberry in a mug

The first sip has a bit of hibiscus flavour, but overall, is watery. I want more flavour, so I send it back to the kitchen for more steeping (OK… I take it there myself… it’s not like I have wait-staff). As I’m en route, I’m tasting sweet honey-roasted licorice, which is very very nice, but hidden by the initial hibiscus flavour. I hope more steep = more citrus and raspberry.

The second steep (2 more minutes) is a shade darker, and smells more citrus-y. The flavour is much more intense… and changing quickly. Wow! It goes through a rainbow of flavour inside your mouth, so let me try to explain. At first, there is a pleasant tartness that is a cross between lemon and hibiscus. There might be a faint bit of raspberry in there, but it’s not immediately obvious. When the initial tartness disappears, there is at the same time, both earth (think houseplant soil) and a hint of metallic bitterness (think oversteeped green tea, or handlebars). But as this bitter earthiness fades, there is the unmistakeable sweetness of honey and licorice root that I love. It’s a complex thing, and I’m not sure how to sum it up. I wish I could have the tart, the citrus, and the sweet honey without going through the bitter middle stage, but every mouthful unfolds exactly the same way.

Well, it’s not my favourite, but it IS a light tea that cuts the heaviness of my dinner, and the aftertaste is pleasantly honeyed, so I’m not complaining. M&K’s has a really good thing going with that honey-roasted licorice root! I am also very happy to announce the discovery of another “Lucky Tea Symbol” that I have not had before: “The Rabbit (#1) (rarity: common: 1.4%)”. I’m not sure why, but these cryptic little messages, despite making no sense that I can determine, make me extremely happy! It’s awesome! And I should mention that as I sit here licking my lips, all I can taste is honey… so there’s THAT going for it too!

the rabbit

The Rabbit

I should also mention that M&K’s Tea Co went offline in December with a promise to re-open January 1, but to date that hasn’t happened. Hoping everything is OK, and that we will see them back online soon! Best wishes to M&K’s!

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