Lu Shan Yun Wu: Tea Vivre


Lu Shan Yun Wu by Tea Vivre

Whew! What a day! It all started with one little Christmas present… and just snowballed from there!

To fit the new blender into the kitchen, I had to move the microwave. To move the microwave, I had to buy and build a new kitchen cart. Then, I had to run a new extension cord behind the wooden pantry cupboard. To get the cord behind the pantry, I had to empty out the entire contents, move the cupboard itself (by myself!), and re-stock everything in the cupboard. To connect the power bar to the wall, I had to dig my drill out of another closet (emptying the contents, rearranging, and re-stocking). Then, I had to charge the drill! All this moving of appliances revealed the hidden mountains of dust and toast crumbs which required intense vacuuming, scrubbing, and washing. Finally having everything set up, I could move on to doing the dishes, making dinner, and taking out the trash. It’s amazing how one little thing could necessitate such massive restructuring of the entire household! All cuz I wanted a smoothie! Anyway, this is the first time I’ve sat down all day, and I am SO ready for a cup of tea!

This Lu Shan Yun Wu by Tea Vivre has been sitting here since the spring. I think it was part of their springtime new green tea promotion. I hope it’s still good. I open the packet to find the cutest little misty green, thread-like curls. But the aroma! Fantastic! Nutty nutty nutty nutty chestnuts, pistachios, and butter! OMG! This reminds me of the first time I ever smelled Dragon Well tea. It’s just pure bliss!

I steep 1 tsp of tea in a gaiwan for 45 seconds. It looks like butter, and smells like chestnuts. The first sip is much more vegetal than it smells. It’s a strong green flavour (slightly bitter) like broccoli or spinach, and it’s only underneath the vegetal flavour that I find the gorgeous sweet chestnut flavour that I wanted. I’m not sure if I’ve oversteeped the tea, since I wasn’t expecting the strong vegetal green flavour to be so prominent. I think it would be better at only 25-30 seconds. The aftertaste is wonderful…. chestnuts and sunflower seeds that lasts forever.

IMG_5175 cup 2

Cup 2 – sweeter

I steep a second cup for 30 seconds. It looks much the same, but the aroma is much less intense. This time, the steep is just right! There is less bitterness, less spinach, and more gentle sweetness. Now I have the sweet and nutty chestnut/sunflower seed flavour that matches the initial aroma! It’s delicious! I’m going to try a 3rd steep at 30 seconds.

This is the sweetest one yet. It’s a clean, smooth, sweet, nutty green tea with a long, long lasting chestnut flavour. It’s also very calming, and as I sit here sipping, I can feel all the day’s stress floating away. What a crazy day!

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