Award Winning Dragon Well: Tao Tea Leaf

Well, aren’t I just like the husband who forgets his anniversary! Here I’ve been waiting to post on my 2nd blogiversary… which I thought to be January 6th… only to find I missed it by 2 days!! It was January 4th! I forgot my own anniversary! Really?!?

So… Happy 2nd Anniversary, teawithpolly! It’s been swell! 2 years of fantastic teas! 2 years of fantastic readers, insightful, warm, thoughtful, funny, and supportive comments! 2 years of overwhelming generosity from friends, family, and tea companies who all keep me rolling in the green! I love you all, and I thank you with every sip I take!

Today I’m going with an ollllldddd favourite… Dragon Well! I haven’t tried Tao Tea Leaf‘s version, but I’ve had such good luck with them in the past, I’m really looking forward to this one!

I open the packet to find very green, nicely pressed leaves, about 1″ long. The aroma is a fragrant green with hints of chestnuts, pistachios, arrowroot cookies, and tobacco. I steep 1.5 tsp in a gaiwan for 45 seconds. The tea is a light yellow gold, and it smells like cookies and nuts.

award dragon well

Award Winning Dragon Well in Grandma’s teacup

The first sip is… oh, my goodness… I forgot how good this is! It’s wonderful! It makes me remember why I love tea in the first place. It’s a fresh green vegetal flavour, but with the rich, buttery, nutty notes that make Dragon Well so unique. There is a teeny-weeny bit of smokiness and astringency in the finish, but this isn’t enough to cancel out the sweet nutty flavour.

cup2 drag

Cup #2 for year #2

I steep a second cup for 1 minute. The colour is a shade deeper yellow. There is a bit more bite in the initial sip, and the vegetal flavours are stronger, with more astringency. I don’t get the same sweet chestnut flavour, and I wish I had steeped it for a bit shorter time. 45 seconds would have been sufficient. The aftertaste is a little toasty, very green, with a tiny nip of citrus zest. The flavour lasts long after I finish.

This was a really great cup to celebrate my 2 years of blogging! As I head into year 3 (wow!!) I can’t believe that the magic has lasted this long, and that it’s still going strong! I have lots more teas to blog… lots more stuff to learn, and I’m so looking forward to the next steps!

SUPER BIG THANKS to all my readers and followers, and to ALL of the companies that provided me with tea! You guys ROCK!

6 thoughts on “Award Winning Dragon Well: Tao Tea Leaf

  1. happy anniversary! the time just flies doesn’t it? Dragonwell is my favorite green tea, to me a great flavor profile related to other types, even across the range of different versions.


    • Thanks John B! Yes, time flies when you’re having tea! I always think Dragon Well is my favourite too… until I drink something else, and then that one is my favourite. But I always come back to Dragon Well. I just LOVE that nutty sweet flavour! It’s special! This was a good one!


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