Chocolate Banana Cream: Tea Desire

I’m bathing… swimming… drowning… in the giantest, juiciest, sweetest, smoothest, creamiest, dreamiest chocolate banana milkshake ever made! The aroma of this Chocolate Banana Cream by Tea Desire is just mindblowing! I can’t even describe it. OK, let’s be clear here… this isn’t exactly tea. It’s a fruit infusion made of banana bits, cocoa kernels, mango bits, papaya bits, chocolate bits, flavour, and yoghurt granulate. It smells like choco-banana heaven, and I expect to find banana-drunk monkeys dancing in the bottom of the bag!

I steep 1 heaping tbsp in a basket strainer for hmmm… no directions on the bag. I’m guessing 3-5 minutes. The infusion is a milky golden colour, and it smells like sweet banana yogurt with dark chocolate milk! There’s a kind of acidic banana buzz to the yogurt smell and I cannot decide if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. It smells so sweet and banana-y, it’s giving me a headache.

The first sip is sweet and milky and tastes like bananas and chocolate Easter-bunnies. This is seriously, the sweetest, ripest, juiciest banana flavour I’ve ever tasted in a tea. And the chocolate tastes just like chocolate milk. It’s almost too much to handle, but as I swallow, the flavour mellows to a nice, simple chocolate banana cream. It’s a little weird because it doesn’t taste artificial, but the aroma is really headachy-sweet. The more I drink, I find I have to hold my breath and not inhale… just taste.

I don’t know what to say about this one. The aroma, at first is mouthwatering and delicious, but quickly becomes overwhelming and cloying. But the flavour of the tea is very nice… tastes like true banana and chocolate, and is sweet, creamy, and delicious without being cloying at all. I think next time I will use a bit less tea to try and rein in the intensity a bit. Now that’s  gotta be a first… a banana tea that I actually want to be LESS intense! Weird! If you just can’t get enough banana flavour, this might be the tea for you. I’d say it’s “Gorilla-strength”!


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