#24 santa’s secret: 24 days of tea: DAVID’S TEA

#24 santa's secret by DAVIDs TEA

#24 santa’s secret by DAVIDs TEA

Merry Christmas to all my readers who have been following the 24 days of tea! The 24th has finally arrived, and I got completely derailed and skipped about 10 days. Blogging from Mom’s house is a whole different ballgame. I won’t go into it now because it’s too crazy to explain. Let me just get to the tea.
First, it’s just so cute with the little striped candy canes! Adorable! It smells sweet… Mom says it smells like chocolate. I think it smells like peppermint and vanilla. The ingredients are: black tea, peppermint, candy cane sprinkles, and natural and artificial vanilla flavouring.

santa's secret in Mom's teacup

santa’s secret in Mom’s teacup

I steep the tea for 5 minutes in a mini teapot, and it’s a light, clear brown colour. It smells like vanilla. The flavour is very nice.  It’s a mild, not deep, black tea with a vanilla sweetness that’s a little more flavourful than plain sugar. In the aftertaste is where I get the peppermint. It’s sweet, mild, and cooling. It’s a very pleasant Christmas Eve tea, as it’s soothing, comforting, and mildly sweet, with no bitterness or astringency. I’m drinking it in front of the fire, with beautiful Christmas harp music, a glowing Christmas tree, and my family here with me. Nothing could be better! Joy, Peace, and Love to you and yours.

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