#14 alpine punch: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA

Once upon a time in the Alps, I got a little more alpine punch than I was looking for…

High up in the mountains, in a hotel only accessible by cable-car, I and 52 close friends got snowed in! A sudden winter storm made our descent impossible. There was no way off the mountain. So we did the only thing we could… cranked up the tunes, threw a wild all-night pyjama party, drank all the booze in the hotel, and introduced the Australians and Mexicans to their first ever snowball fight, all while dancing around in the freezing Swiss snowstorm. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Gosh, I’d forgotten about that… you see where tea can take you!

Soooo, anyway, uh… somehow I don’t think that’s what DAVIDs TEA had in mind when they named this tea ‘alpine punch‘. Let’s see… it’s full of rooibos, coconut chips, coconut rasps, apples, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, rose blossoms, almonds, and almond cream flavouring. And the kitchen sink. Wow! Sounds decadent. Smells wonderful! Sweet cherries, sweet almond, vanilla, and cinnamon!


alpine punch in Grandma’s teacup

I steep half the tin in a mesh basket for 3-4 minutes. The tea is a bright creamsicle orange, and it smells like sweet almonds and cherries. The first sip is nice and mellow. It’s surprisingly not too sweet, but rather, creamy with coconut and almond flavours. There is also the rooibos in the background, but instead of the ‘olive’ flavours of rooibos, there is a smooth, maraschino cherry note. I catch a little of the cardamom, which I love. I don’t really taste the cinnamon, black pepper, or roses. I’m assuming they are adding some depth. This is an incredibly well-balanced flavour combination, and I’m loving it! I think this may be one of the best in the ’24 days of tea’!

A second cup is just as creamy, almond-y, and smooth. I almost want to add some booze, but I’m afraid of ruining a perfectly delicious cup! (plus, I’m fresh out of brandy!) It’s just so smooth and yummy! Perfect for all those times you’re snowed-in in an Alpine hotel!


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