#13 buddha’s blend: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA


That’s it! I’m finished! Finished all my marking! Finished the final reports! Finished with this class! I’m on vacation! Almost. I have to go into the office for 2 more hours tomorrow and just sit there. But really… the work is done! You know what that means? Chillaxin’ with some tea! And what better to chill with than the buddha’s very own blend?! I feel some “Om”s coming on… Oooommmmmmmm…..

Buddha’s blend is a blend of white tea, green tea, jasmine pearls, white hibiscus blossoms, and flavouring. It smells like peaches and raspberries: tart and juicy! I steep half of the tin in a mesh strainer for 2 minutes. The tea steeps to a clear golden yellow colour. It smells vaguely peachy, but with something else… yes… it reminds me of the ‘Elderflower White‘ tea by teageeks!


buddha’s blend in Grandma’s teacup

Dang! I think I oversteeped it. It’s a bit bitter. I’m getting hints of pine, peach, and sand. Too bitter. I dump it out and start again. I steep the second cup in cooler water, and for only 1 minute. It’s a shade lighter, but still smells peachy and yummy. Hm… this is slightly better, but it’s still got a bitter kick to it. I’m tasting pine needles, camphor, peach and elderberry sweetness, and then… just bitterness. I have the feeling the tea would be quite good if it were steeped properly from the beginning since there is a nice peachy sweetness there. Luckily, I saved a bit of tea in the tin, so I’ll try it again another time. Right now I just want this bitterness out of my mouth. Next time, I’ll use very cool water, and be sure to watch the time carefully… 30 seconds will be enough.

*note to self*  Be gentle with this one!

So, my “chillaxin with the buddha” isn’t very chillin. It’s been a bit stressful. I think I’ll just go read for a while. Ooommmmmmmm…

3 thoughts on “#13 buddha’s blend: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA

  1. I actually had a cup of Buddha’s Blend last night! 🙂 This is my favorite tea from DavidsTea so far. You do have to be very careful with the water temperature on this tea, or else it comes out bitter. I try not to heat it up to more than 175 Fahrenheit / 80 Celcius.


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