#11 hot chocolate: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA

I’ve never been a coffee drinker, so tea and hot chocolate are the only hot drinks that I usually enjoy. This, then, is the perfect marriage! Hot chocolate flavoured tea! What could be better? This is Pu’erh and black teas, chocolate chips, chocolate curls, cocoa nibs, stevia, and flavourings. It smells AMAZING! It just smells like rich hot chocolate, and chocolate Easter bunnies, and chocolate chips! It smells like a snow day… and school is cancelled… and you’ve been outside all day, sliding down icy hills, and you’ve just come home and breathlessly peeled off your wet snowsuit and boots, and Mom has just made you a nice hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows, and it goes all foamy, and you eat it with a spoon, rather than actually drinking it… yeah… smells like that!

I steep the whole tin in my DAVIDs steeper for just 2 minutes. The tea comes up a deep, dark mahogany. It’s somewhat opaque because there are mild solids in there. It smells like rich chocolate! Yum!


hot chocolate (tea) in Grandma’s teacup

The first sip is very sweet, but also very interesting because I can taste both the tea, and the chocolate together in a deliciously decadent fusion of rich flavour. The tea part is like a clean, black, sweet tea, and the chocolate part is like a plain chocolate bar… sort of in-between a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate. It’s not as sweet and milky as a milk chocolate, but it’s also not as rich and black as a dark chocolate. It’s a very good mix… very harmonious. My only complaint would be that it’s very sweet. I guess that’s the stevia. I don’t think I’ve ever had stevia before, but I’m finding it a bit too sweet for me. I’ve just read that stevia can be up to 150 times sweeter than sugar, and yes, this is noticeably sweeter than I would like it. I’m left with a taste in my mouth like aspartame, which I can’t stand.

I have a second cup steeped, but I added some milk to try to tone down the sweetness a little. This is much more tolerable in terms of sweetness, It now tastes like a mild black tea with a wee bit of chocolate melted into it. I do like the tea and chocolate combination very much, and I think I might try adding dark chocolate to black tea in the future. But I am still getting an aftertaste of artificial sweetener, like aspartame. I really can’t stand that stuff, and I will not eat or drink any products that contain it. In this case, it’s kind of ruining what could be a very nice tea. I don’t think I would buy this again… but I would definitely try to blend my own without the sweetener! This makes me wonder what goes on in DAVIDs TEA testing, before they release a tea. Do they do trials on real people? And do those people really want stuff this sweet? Are they tea lovers, or are they people who drink nothing but Coke and Pepsi all day? I find it hard to believe that people actually WANT this much sweetness in anything, let alone tea. Well, I’m glad for the inspiration for future tea/chocolate experiments, but I think I’ll pass on this one in the future. Maybe I’ll stick to real hot chocolate for my snow day kicks!

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