#10 organic nepal black: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA

10 Things I’m happy about today:

  1. I had a lovely day out with a friend, shopping and dining, and flaneuring… our favourite pastime!
  2. The weather is really warm and un-winter-like! December 12th, and NO SNOW! Fabulous!
  3. The Japanese food was delicious!
  4. I got my brother’s Christmas present bought.
  5. My house is actually not too messy today.
  6. I have a new Walrus magazine to peruse.
  7. The Christmas tree lights.
  8. Only 4 more days of school left!
  9. Not doing any work tonight.
  10. A new tea to try!

Let me fill you in on the numbers. I’ve tried 8 teas in my “24 days of teaAdvent calendar. Today is day #12. I’m quite a bit behind. It’s the end of the school session, and there just isn’t time to blog every night. I’ve decided to skip tea #9 because I already blogged, and loved this tea quite a while ago. You can read about #9 organic cinnamon roobios chai HERE. I’m going to continue tasting the 24 teas on my own schedule, as I am able (I call it “teacher-time”). This series may actually finish sometime in March, and I’m OK with that! No pressure!


organic nepal black by DAVIDs TEA

This organic nepal black smells really really nice! The long twisty black leaves smell of raisins and plums and “Fig Newtons” cookies! This is not a flavoured tea, so I’m glad to see that it smells so good all by itself. That’s a good sign!


organic nepal black in Grandma’s teacup

I steep the entire contents of the tin in my beaked gaiwan for 45 seconds, and it steeps to a rich amber red colour. The first sip is a mildly sweet, plummy black tea flavour. It’s very clean, slightly floral, and slightly fruity with raisins and currants… but not very dark, and not bitter at all. The aftertaste is somewhat floral… almost like rose. I’m really enjoying this! It’s exactly the kind of black tea I love… not too dark, not bitter, not astringent, very mildly sweet, and with lots of floral and fruity notes.


Cup #2 of tea #10

I steep a second cup for 60 seconds. It’s not as dark, but when I sip, the flavour is still fantastic! There are the plum and rose notes, but there is also a mellow sort of sweetness, almost like chocolate! Yes… I’ve had that chocolate/floral combination before… trying to remember which tea… must check… Got it! It was What-Cha’s Malawi Satemwa Antlers White. Now that’s weird… that a white tea from Malawi and a black tea from Nepal could have such distinctive flavours in common… am I crazy?! It’s not ALL the same… just that floral/chocolate combo. This has other fruity and rose notes that aren’t in the White. Funny thing. Another thing to be happy about!

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