#7 organic north african mint: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA

It’s day #9, and this is tea #7. I knew I couldn’t stay on track with this! 24 days of tea is great, but 24 days of tea-blogging…. impossible! Well, that’s OK. I can only do what I can do. I have a job. Not just any job… a teaching job. You have to live it to get it.

Anyway, last night, I wanted to do a post, but instead, I ended up on the phone fighting with my internet provider for a couple of hours, trying to get the actual service that they claim to provide, but which somehow mysteriously doesn’t exist every night between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00. I should have known it would be this way when I saw their slogan… “Need internet? Give us ALL your money… SUCKAS!” or something like that. So at the moment I have a connection and I’m trying to write a superfast blog in about 5 minutes before I get cut off again.

This ‘organic north african mint‘ by DAVIDs TEA is actually a green tea, packed with extra stuff. It’s got organic green tea, ginger, peppermint, cardamom, licorice root, fennel, clove, and black pepper. It’s like a minty chai! I open the tin and I can smell each of those things distinctly. Mostly it’s a fresh mint aroma, but the others are clearly present.


organic north african mint in Grandma’s teacup

I steep a heaping tsp of tea in a mesh strainer for about 3 minutes. The tea is a bright golden colour, and it smells like fresh mint with cardamom. The first sip is ooooohhhh… lovely! The mint is cool, the cardamom, ginger, and pepper give warmth, and the licorice gives just a hint of natural sweetness and brings it all together. The flavours are nicely balanced, and quite harmonious. Nothing is too overpowering. In the aftertaste, I feel the slightest burn from the ginger and the pepper, and then just cool, cool mint. This is a very soothing cup of tea, and perfect for after dinner. It’s naturally light, clean, fresh, and just feels soooo right! I drink a lot of peppermint tea because it feels so good on the tummy after eating, and this seems like a deeper, more exotic take on that.

Good! I made it through the post without losing my connection. This is progress! Now to tackle that stack of marking…


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