#5 banana nut bread: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA


I’ve been waiting for this one FOREVER!! I’ve been dying to try this “banana nut bread” tea (ok… fruit infusion), and finally… the day has come! I just can’t wait to open it up! The little mini box itself smells like Butter Rum Lifesavers! guuuuuuuuhhhhhh…. that’s the sound of me drooling all over my keyboard.

I open the tin to find gorgeous, succulent chunks of currants, dates, almonds, and a banana slice. As usual with DAVIDs TEA, there’s flavouring; artificial this time… but I don’t let that stop me. It smells divine! It smells like the yummiest, nuttiest, fresh-bakiest brown-sugar and spiced loafiest banana bread that Grandma ever baked! I can’t wait to steep it!

I toss the entire contents of the tin into the DAVIDs steeper. I’m not interested in saving some for later. I want IT ALL and I want it NOW!


in the DAVIDs TEA steeper – not much colour – making me scared!

RRuh-Oh! I have to confess, I’m getting a little worried here. I’ve been steeping the tea for about 10 minutes in about 1 and 1/2 cups of boiling water, and it looks and smells very much like boiling water with fuzzy sofa lint floating in it. No colour… not much smell! I’m worried that the flavour is non-existent! I REALLY hope this surprises me when I taste it!


banana nut bread in Grandma’s teacup

Hmmm… it looks a little better in the teacup. At least it’s yellow. Let’s sip! MMM… SURPRISE! It’s FREAKING FANTASTIC! OMG! I love it! First, as you lift the cup and inhale, there’s an aroma of butterscotch. As you sip, the initial notes are butterscotch, and a little hint of almonds. The texture is smooth and creamy, and the aftertaste is sweet and nutty. If I really search for it, I can almost taste banana, but if it wasn’t in the name, I would never know it was there. I’m left with a yummy, sweet, buttered-rum flavour in my mouth, but no banana to speak of. It’s funny… I also don’t notice the currants or dates either, so I wonder what they add to the tea? I’m going for the second cup (the steeper holds 2 cups) and this one has now been sitting for an extra 10 or 15 minutes, so we’ll see what happens.

Cup 2 is sweet, nutty… more almond-y, but still not noticeably banana. As I’m sipping at it, I get the brainwave to add cardamom. Just a teeny tiny whisper. I don’t want to change the flavour… just enhance it. It’s really nice and nutty now, and does taste like fresh baking.

I really enjoyed this tea, but I do wish it had a more prominent banana flavour. The sweet, nutty, rum and butter/butterscotch flavours are really really delicious. This would be great to keep on hand as a dessert tea. Can’t say I’d call it ‘banana nut bread’ though, if it was up to me! I think the Four o’Clock Banana Cinnamon Spice has more of a banana kick to it!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!







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