#4 organic sweet almond green: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA


organic sweet almond green by DAVIDs TEA

Well, my grand Advent tea calendar plan lasted all of 3 days before being derailed, and here I am, a day behind, trying to catch up already! But, the good news is… today is Saturday! And the best thing about Saturday is that you can have a niiiiiiice sloooooooowww, leisurely cuppa tea in the morning, and then go out Christmas shopping all day, and by the time you get home in the evening, you are ready for the SECOND tea of the day, and there you go! 2 for the price of one! This is my catch-up plan for today… I dunno what I’ll do if I get derailed on a non-Saturday!

So, yesterday’s tea is ‘organic sweet almond green‘ and it’s very pretty, with little blue cornflowers, yellow marigold petals, and almond pieces in green leaf flakes. There is also almond flavouring. The tea smells wonderful: a combination of sweet maraschino cherries and nuts! Smells like dessert!

I steep 1 tsp in a metal infuser for about 45 seconds. The tea is a clear golden colour, and it smells sweet and nutty.

organic sweet almond green in Grandma's teacup

organic sweet almond green in Grandma’s teacup

The first sip is… Wow! Just delicious! First, there is the sweetness of cherries, and next I get the warm, nutty almonds, and finally, underneath the sweet top layers, there is the warm and comforting flavour of golden straw… sweet grass, but not green grass. This is really good! Perfectly balanced! It’s a green tea without any of green tea’s bitterness, or grassiness. The sweetness isn’t too heavy, or cloying, but it just makes a cup that is very easy to drink. Sweet, but simple!

So, I’m going off to do some shopping… and when I get back, we’ll examine tea #5… ???

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