#2 mango madness: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA


mango madness by DAVIDs TEA

Every day, I wonder a little more than the day before if the world has truly gone mad. Where is our collective sanity, reason, goodwill, and kindness? What are we all getting so wrong? Is it the stresses of modern life? The overcrowding of our cities? The over-processed food supply? The chemicals in the water? The wi-fi in the air? Is madness our default setting?

I don’t mean to make light of recent events, but it is in a mood of reflection and philosophical contemplation that I’m blogging this second tea in my DAVIDs TEA advent calendar: mango madness. Tonight I’m looking for a little calm, and a little peace of mind in a mad, mad world. Maybe I’ll find it here in a cup of tea.

I check the ingredients on the box, because looking at this tea, all I can think is “What ISN’T in here?” We’ve got apple, white tea, pineapple, orange pieces and peel, safflowers, strawberries, calendula petals, mango, stevia, and mango flavouring. It’s packed with a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours, and it smells amazing! Just like sweet, juicy, mouthwatering mangoes! It’s truly making my mouth water… you can call me Pavlov.


mango madness in Grandma’s teacup

I steep the whole tin in my DAVIDs TEA steeper for about 4 minutes. This tea is really pretty to watch, as all the wee little bits slowly drift down to the bottom of the pot in a mesmerizing dance. The tea is a pretty, clear mango orange colour, and it smells juicy!

The first sip is very surprising! I think I expected it to be tart, with more hibiscus-y flavour, but it’s surprisingly sweet… and then I realize there isn’t any hibiscus in it! WOW! A fruit tisane without hisbiscus! WEIRD! And AWESOME! The flavour is a smooth, sweet (maybe too sweet for me) mango madness, but you know… I actually think I would like just one teeny tiny drop of tartness. Maybe not hibiscus tartness, but some kind of citrus tartness… like lime, or tangerine.

I go back for a second cup (which has now been steeping twice as long) and the colour is a rich amber orange. The flavour is an even deeper and richer mango, and is sweet all the way through. It’s almost like mango syrup. It’s not what I was expecting at all, but it is undeniably delicious! I can’t believe they packed this much mango into one little teacup! I even got a third cup out of the steeper!

I’d recommend this tea for anyone looking for a non-hibiscus fruit tea, or anyone who loves peach and mango teas, or even a fan of American style “sweet-tea”. It’s quite sweet and smooth, and just bursting with rich fruit flavour. No bitterness, or tartness that I can detect!

So glad to have found a momentary break from the swirling madness out there. Wishing you all peace tonight.


3 thoughts on “#2 mango madness: 24 days of tea: DAVIDs TEA

  1. A fruity tisane without hibiscus? I don’t mind hibiscus, but sometimes it overpowers the other ingredients. So I might have to try this the next time I stop by DavidsTea. Thanks for reviewing it, Rona!

    Also, I agree with what you said at the very beginning. It’s sad to see what our world has come to.

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    • Yeah, I was totally expecting it to be a bit tart, but then again, there is actually white tea in there, so I guess they didn’t want to overwhelm that. Does the presence of tea make it a tea rather than a tisane? I’m not sure with this one. It’s surprising in many ways.

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