9 Spice Chai: M&K’s Tea Co

Today was a lovely day for “Flaneuring”, and so I met up with a couple of friends and flaneured around downtown Toronto for the afternoon. I started off in a coffee shop, sipping a warm white hot chocolate which makes any day a special occasion. My friends showed me around the area of their newly purchased condo in a prime downtown location, and we went from there. The wind was cold, the shops were charming, and the company was delightful! Then we found our lunch spot… a really real Japanese Ramen shop with delicious miso and butter broth. Yummy! Or, I should say, Oishikatta! Also, the fancy-schmancy washroom was playing my favourite Japanese tune… “Shima Uta”! Bonus!

Toronto sign (lit for Paris)

Toronto sign (lit for Paris)

We continued our rambling down Queen Street, took pictures at the Toronto sign, and stopped to gawk at the traditional Christmas windows at the Hudson Bay Co. I love the pictures on the walls of the mouse house… postage stamps! Adorable!

Windows at Hudson Bay Co

Windows at Hudson Bay Co

A couple more shots of Christmas tree lights at the bank towers, and it was getting quite cold and dark.

Bank Tower Trees

Bank Tower Trees

A wonderful day of aimless, and not so aimless wandering, and feeling ‘one with the city’! But now I’ve come home, and my apartment is cold and dark, and I want tea. Warm, warm tea… and a blanket… and a book.

9 Spice Chai by M&K's Tea Co

9 Spice Chai by M&K’s Tea Co

This “9 Spice Chai” from M&K’s Tea Co sounds like the warmest thing in my tea cupboard, so here we go! I open the gorgeous packet to find my “Lucky Tea Symbol: The Fox”… and inside is the pretty, dark tea; a blend of Assam and Ceylon teas, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, peppercorns, cardamom, vanilla bean, and nutmeg. Sounds sooooooo good! And it smells sooooooooooo warm… like Christmas baking.

9 Spice Chai

9 Spice Chai

I steep 1 tsp for about 5 minutes in boiling water. I want it hot and strong! The first sip tastes like warm cinnamon and black tea! I can also taste the cloves and a little ginger. I wish there was more cardamom, since I really love it. I think I’ll add some of my own next time. The tea itself is a rich, fruity black, like currants or raisins. It’s got a natural sweetness, and I don’t need sugar. There is a wee bit of astringency at the finish. Overall, the tea is just exactly what I want on a cold November evening, after a long day of flaneuring! The spice is just right… not too spicy, or too peppery… a nice bit of warm cinnamon, and a tasty, flavourful black tea. I think it’s perfect!

Now, I just wish I had those macarons we passed in that cute little patisserie! THAT would be perfect indeed! Ahhhh… next time!

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