Gopaldhara Bai Mudan Darjeeling 1st Flush White Tea: M&K’s Tea Co

Gopaldhara Bai Mudan Darjeeling 1st Flush White Tea by M&K's Tea Co

Gopaldhara Bai Mudan Darjeeling 1st Flush White Tea by M&K’s Tea Co

Do you choose your tea to match the day, the weather, your mood, your activities, your state of mind, or something else? Maybe the tea chooses you? Something that sounds enticing one day could be a complete turn-off the next! Something you’ve overlooked might suddenly jump out at you, begging to be brewed. Yesterday, I was captivated by a luxurious, rich “Banana Cinnamon Spice” tea, but today, I want something more simple… clean… light… white… to match the clear white light flooding my apartment on this crisp, blue-sky day. This “Gopaldhara Bai Mudan Darjeeling 1st Flush White Tea” by M&K’s has been sitting here for several weeks as I breeze past it thinking “meh… just another Bai Mudan”, but today, it sounds perfect! It’s a Bai Mudan kind of day! And I don’t think I’ve had a Darjeeling Bai Mudan before, so this is new!

I open the packet (as always, M&K’s packaging is beautiful… and resealable!) and find nice fresh crispy broken leaf bits. It smells a wee bit grassy and vegetal… green beans. I steep 1 tsp at about 75 degrees for 2 minutes. The tea is a clear golden colour. The first sip is mildly sweet, and quite vegetal. I’m tasting green beans and hints of asparagus. There is a wee touch of bitterness, so I think I’ve oversteeped it. Should have gone with 1 minute! There isn’t much of any aftertaste. It’s clear and clean.

Gopaldhara Bai Mudan in Grandma's teacup

Gopaldhara Bai Mudan in Grandma’s teacup

That one didn’t last long enough… I need another cup! I steep the second cup for 1 minute and it comes up pretty much the same colour. The flavour still has hints of vegetal sweetness and perhaps a little butter, but the bitter edge is gone. The finish is clean with no real aftertaste.

Cup 2

Cup 2

This tea is a bit different from the other Bai Mudan teas I’ve tried. It doesn’t have the same potent sweetness, or fruity notes. However, it was fresh, clean, and mellow, and it suited my day perfectly, so I’m quite happy with it.

And just in case you’ve been following my other M&K’s Tea Co posts, my “Lucky Tea Symbol” got a bit munched up with glue, so it isn’t really clear, but it seems to be “The Carp (#6)”. Still a mystery, but fun to check! I always look forward to opening an M&K’s package, just to find my “Lucky Tea Symbol”! I hope I get the full set!

Lucky Tea Symbol: Carp (#6)

Lucky Tea Symbol: Carp (#6)

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