Malawi Zomba Steamed Green Tea: What-Cha

Seriously! What is with all the stinky people and places?! I don’t know if I’m just becoming more hypersensitive, or if the world is just getting a whole lot stinkier! First of all, there’s the ongoing saga at work where I had to not only move to a different desk, but move to a different room because of the disinfectant smell coming through the vents! Then there’s the ongoing saga of my apartment, where despite the disinfectant smell coming through the vents, I CAN’T move to a different desk, or a different room because there’s nowhere else to go! Then there’s the guy at work who bathes in perfume every day, and leaves a trail of lung-clogging stink wherever he goes (think `Pepe le Pew`). Then, I get on a bus to come home from work, and this gigantic man sits down behind me just reeking of spray disinfectant/deodorant/aftershave (???) which closed up my lungs completely and gave me a pounding headache! (40 minute ride… nowhere else to go). THEN I get on the subway for the rest of my ride, and all I can smell is air freshener/disinfectant/chemicals (???) for the next 30 minutes!! I’ve just got home and I’m feeling sick and nauseous, and my lungs are aching, and I can’t breathe.  If people have peanut allergies, we do not go spraying peanut juice all through their workplace. We go out of our way to make sure that our environment is peanut-free. Yet apparently, it’s OK to use toxic chemicals to pollute the air we all share, and anyone with respiratory problems can just suck it!

Malawi Zomba Steamed Green Tea by What-Cha

Malawi Zomba Steamed Green Tea by What-Cha

Rant over… I need some tea. Something to clean my body, mind, and soul. I’m thinking green; simple and clean. This “Malawi Zomba Steamed Green Tea” from What-Cha‘s fantastic “Discover Malawi Collection” looks like just the thing! It’s described as “grassy green taste with citrus notes”, and when I open the package, all I smell is green green grass! Great!

The leaves are a crazy mix of shapes and sizes, from hard clumpy twists, to short little wires, to long stringy bits, and even some twigs that remind me of the “Antlers” tea. The directions call for a 1-2 minute steep at 75 deg. I’m going with 1 minute.

Malawi Zomba Steamed Green Tea in Grandma's teacup

Malawi Zomba Steamed Green Tea in Grandma’s teacup

The tea is a lovely clear, pale yellow, and it looks so refreshing and purifying… I can’t wait for it to cool! The first sip is sweet and initially nutty, almost like a “DragonWell“, but as I swirl it around in my mouth, I get the full green grass and green beans flavour. It’s so clean and light, I can feel it scrubbing all the chemical pollution right out of my system! I feel better already! The aftertaste does have a wee little citrus note… a little bit of grapefruit and tangerine. It’s super refreshing! Just what I needed!

Steeped leaves

Steeped leaves

I steep a second cup for 2 minutes, and the tea is a deeper yellow colour. This one is very grassy and vegetal all the way through, and I’m now picking up smoky notes as well. There’s some added astringency here. I think I’ve oversteeped it a bit. Perhaps it’s best to stick with 60 seconds. I’ve never been one to follow all the “health benefits of tea” hype, but it’s amazing how much better I feel after drinking this cup of green! I guess the “psychological benefits of tea” is more my style.

Let me finish with a plea to the perfume addicts and germ-a-phobes of the world: If you need to clean yourself, or your environment, or your vents, or your subway cars… do it gently. Treat the air as if your life depended on it. Find a clean solution that isn’t going to hurt anyone with allergies, asthma, emphysema, or lung cancer. Water and vinegar, or lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, or even plain, unscented soap can work wonders… and are free of artificial and carcinogenic chemicals. Everyone has a right to clean air… and good tea!


10 thoughts on “Malawi Zomba Steamed Green Tea: What-Cha

  1. This sounds nothing short of lovely, Rona! I especially like Dragonwell tea, so when you made the comparison to it for Steep #1, that caught my attention. 😉

    When my review stash decreases a little more, I’m going to have to get in touch with What-Cha for review samples. Everything you’ve reviewed for them so far has sounded wonderful!


    • Well, the DragonWell sensation was at the very first sip, but then, not so much after that. It was definitely less ‘nutty’ and more ‘grassy’ as I continued sipping.
      I hope you do check them out soon. They have all been excellent: especially this Malawi collection! I really want to try some of their other collections too. I think What-Cha has one of the most unique and eclectic collections I’ve seen anywhere. When you get around to samples from them, try to get your hands on the Malawi “Antlers”. That one remains one of my all time faves!

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  2. Hi Rona, Sorry to hear about your continuing troubles with “smells”. I am guessing the ‘perfume bather’ at work is still the same guy? I didn’t realize you also had similar issues in ur apartment so I am sorry to hear this! Don’t know why North America is so germaphobic…… I hate the smell of hand sanitizer…it’s totally vile! Tracy who sits beside me has been well warned to keep the Lysol wipes far away from my area. Do you also have problems with natural essential oils, or just synthetic odors?


    • Hi Doina,
      Yeah, I think the “germaphobia” is such a terrible thing… totally manufactured by the big chemical companies to scare us into buying all that crap. We are creating far worse problems than we are solving! Anything with the name “Lysol” in it is pure poison, as far as I’m concerned… I might just as well drink it as breathe it! As for the natural oils… it’s hit and miss. Some flowers and plants are really bad, and some are OK. I do use tea tree oil and oil of oregano for various ailments… but sparingly. I know I’m hypersensitive with smells, so I never know if it’s “just me”, or if others are experiencing the same thing. i.e. the work situation literally made me so sick, I had to take time off, but others in the office can’t even smell it! How is this even possible?!


  3. I can only assume they are so desensitized at this stage, they don’t smell anything anymore!! When I came to North America first, one day my husband brought this Lysol stuff…kills 99% of all known germs, or whatever the slogan is. I was immediately suspicious!! I had just spent several years living in Germany again, where you cannot buy bleach for love or money, and people were cleaning the houses with vinegar again! (actually works! Lemon and/or vinegar cut through grease. The smell evaporates VERY quickly). Anyhow, I read the warning label. Boy oh boy did that make me scared! I said this stuff’s not coming in the house any more! Just to be sure I used it once. My eyes were streaming, I had difficulties breathing….and I’m not really allergic to anything. So it was gone…not poisoning the cats!
    The reason I asked about natural plant essences was that after I trained as an Aromatherapist, I foung I could not stand perfumes or other scented products any more. They just stank! So I mainly use natural plant essential oils now…please let me know if any of them cause you any irritation!


  4. I think vinegar and lemon are great cleaners! We need to go back to nature!
    I’m not really familiar with too many essential oils. I really don’t like lavender, but it’s not an allergy. What do you do with the oils?


    • I don’t like lavender either…smells like grandmothers!! I use oils mainly for massage oils, before and after exercise. I don’t like the commercial mixes. I was mainly checking I was not using anything that was irritating to you. Mainly I get positive comments as i use low/medium notes most people are not familiar with……


      • LOL! Not my grandmother! hahaha… I’ve never noticed anything like that near you at all. You must be doing it right! Someone in the office is pretty heavy on the perfume though, I noticed this morning. You weren’t there. I’m not sure who it is. I guess the new “scent free” signs don’t apply to them!

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        • Yes, I do think it’s rather bizarre… I have been asking YUELI to send out something to discourage scent ‘bathers’ but incredibly it took a couple of years to accomplish, because, apparently, it might be deemed offensive (to the scent bathers? I really don’t know!). Sometimes Canadian rules (you know…I actually do not know if they are Canadian rules … because when I talk to a lot of Canadians, they seem to agree with me?) seem very strange because they try to be inoffensive to the point where they are being offensive to the majority of us, to protect a supposed minority (who did not realize they were being offensive because nobody told them?) … all very strange indeed :-))

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