pouchong: adagio teas

Fall in Toronto

Fall in Toronto

I love Fall! I love the brilliant jewelled colours of the trees and the paths. I love the smell of fallen leaves. I love the crunching sounds under my feet. I love the cool, fresh air that brings colour to the cheeks, and I love a warm cup of tea on one of those cool, fresh days! Like today!

Today I’m heading into the unknown with this “pouchong” from adagio teas. This is a new one for me… never had a pouchong oolong before. I’m going to look it up online, but I’m going to experience it first with my own senses. I want to discover it for myself. I open the package and inhale (vacuum sealed pouch… extra points!). mmmmm… warm, earthy, spicy, cherries and vanilla cookies!! This is powerful stuff! It smells so rich and inviting! Taking a closer look, I find long, solid, crunchy green twists. Pretty!

pouchong by adagio teas

pouchong by adagio teas

I steep a heaping teaspoon in my push-button pot for hmmm… how long? The package says 2-3 minutes, but I think 1 minute is enough for me! The tea is now a pale yellow with hints of purple at the edges. Weird how some oolongs do that! The aroma is wonderful! It smells so fresh and sweet, like flowers, black cherries, ripe fruits and fresh grass.

pouchong by adagio teas in Grandma's teacup

pouchong by adagio teas in Grandma’s teacup

The first sip is fresh, clean, and quite mild. It doesn’t taste as strong as it smells. But don’t think that’s a bad thing. This is a really beautiful, and subtle tea. It’s gentle, but rich at the same time. I mean, there are lovely fragrant floral and fruity notes, but there is nothing overpowering about this. It’s much more subtle than say, a tie guan yin, but with a lot more depth than a straight pale green tea. This one is light, airy, and fragrant, but still grounded in earth. What a fantastic balance!

I steep a second cup for just under 2 minutes. It’s half a shade darker, and it smells a little less fruity and a little more earthy. It’s not as sweet as the first one, and the high, fluttery floral notes are now deeper, richer earth tones. There’s a bit of hay, a bit of dirt, and a bit of darker caramelized cherries. But it’s still light, clean, and with zero bitterness. Pouchong, I think I love you!


Now that I’ve had my tasting, I want to know more about pouchong, and a quick search tells me that it is also known as ‘Baozhong‘, which I HAVE HAD before! I just didn’t know they were the same! So, this is from Taiwan, and it’s “the most lightly oxidized of all oolongs” (adagio teas: http://www.adagio.com/oolong/pouchong.html). They describe it as having a floral aroma, and a green tea freshness, but what I most agree with is that “pouchong tea is all about the aroma.” Yeah, that.

Thank You to adagio teas for offering a deep deep discount which made this review possible! If you see their $5, or $10 off coupons, take advantage of them. The teas have been excellent so far!


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