Sweet Violet: M&K’s Tea Co.

I’ve always loved the taste of violets. Just can’t get enough of those British “Parma Violets” candies, and while in Paris, I discovered the delightful “les Anis de Flavigny: Violet” candies. But my favourite violet thing is the violet cocktails I used to drink in the izakaya in Japan! Those were the bomb! Purple, with sweet perfumey violet flavour… Wow! Even though I’ve never found that violet cocktail syrup in Canada… I found a bottle in Paris… and I treasure it! If you ever see it, buy it. It’s so good!

Sirop de Violette: Good in cocktails!

Sirop de Violette: Good in cocktails!

So, with my lifelong violet obsession, I am always on the lookout for violet tea. I’ve only ever seen one advertised, but the price was prohibitive. And I was afraid it would be too artificial, and I wouldn’t like it. So, I’ve never tried a violet tea.

Until today.

When I saw that M&K’s TEA CO offers this “sweet violet tea“, I felt my heart skip a beat. I HAD TO have it! The ingredients: sweet violet (viola odorata) from Anhui, China. That’s IT! No artificial flavourings or colourings… just violets. I’m pinning a lot of hopes on this little packet. Please be good!

sweet violet by M&K's TEA CO

sweet violet by M&K’s TEA CO

The packet is a classic M&K’s design, which I think is beautiful. And opening the pack, I find “My Lucky Tea Symbol: The Fox”. I take that as a good sign because my favourite M&K’s tea: “Lavender Daze” is also “The Fox”! I extract 2 flowers, as directed, but I don’t really detect much aroma. I steep the flowers for about 3 minutes in boiling water, and the tea is a pale, pinkish amber colour. It smells mildly sweet, but not particularly ‘violet-y’.

sweet violet: Lucky Tea Symbol: The Fox

sweet violet: Lucky Tea Symbol: The Fox

The first sip is very faintly sweet, with just the tiniest hint of a floral aftertaste. It’s hard to detect in the mouth. I want to steep it longer, so I give it another 2 minutes.

sweet violet tea

sweet violet tea

Well, I’m not getting much out of this at all; if anything, it’s a sort of meaty umami flavour. It’s definitely not the ‘violet’ I was looking for. I guess that’s MY problem though, in expecting something that tastes like candies and liqueurs, instead of the real deal, natural sweet violets provided by nature! I’ll have to adjust my expectations and try it again, later. I still have some flowers left for another day.

Although this tea didn’t do much for me, I want to send a sincere THANK YOU to M&K’s TEA CO for providing me with this sample. It’s always good to have the opportunity to learn something new!

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