Sunny Hill – Sun-soaked hillside: Osulloc (Jeju Island Tea Garden)

Sunny Hill: Sun-soaked hillside by Osulloc

Sunny Hill: Sun-soaked hillside by Osulloc

I’m not a “reunion” type of girl. I got dragged by a couple of friends to my high-school reunion 20 years ago and hated every minute of it. I couldn’t wait to escape! To me, it’s the most uncomfortable feeling in the world, standing around and trying to make stilted conversation with people that I never cared to converse with in the first place. “Oh look, there’s the girl who used to punch and shove me every time she passed by” and “Oh look, there’s her friend who threw snowballs packed with stones… at my head” and “Oh look, there’s the English teacher that I had for 3 years, and who never once got my name right”… What could I possibly want to say to these people? When they held another reunion 5 years ago, I couldn’t wait to stay away! Who are the people who enjoy these things? Is it the jocks? The library club? The student council? Clearly not my species! And it doesn’t stop with high-school! There are people who like to organize reunions for college and university classes, and worse… for work! I just find them AWKWARD with a capital AWKWARD! I just don’t get it.

So, this week I attended a work reunion at a local pub. I wouldn’t have gone, except that it was my only opportunity to meet up with my ex-roommate from Korea, with whom I do share some good and funny memories (the ever popular pub-grub: “potato-skins with whipped-cream” springs to mind!) Predictably, there were awkward moments, which will probably deter me from going to any more work-reunions. BUT there were some nice moments too! Like when said ex-roommate gave me a little bag full of Korean tea from Osulloc – Jeju Island! Awesome!

4 samples from Osulloc

4 samples from Osulloc

Today I’m going with this “Sunny Hill: Sun-soaked hillside” because I like the name. It reminds me of Scotland (sorry, not Korea. I never saw any sun-soaked hillsides in Korea. Maybe they are in Jeju-do where I never went). So, anyway… to the tea! I open the bag and the most amazing sweet citrus aroma floods the room. It’s like lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tangerines, all wrapped up in cotton candy! I don’t know what’s in the pyramid, but it makes my mouth water. There seems to be green tea, bits of citrus peel, and some flower pieces. I can’t read the package, so I’m testing out my Sherlock skills.

Sunny Hill pyramid

Sunny Hill pyramid

I steep the tea at “not quite boiled” for about 1 minute and it’s a sunny yellow-green colour. It smells like orange peels.

Sunny Hill cup #1

Sunny Hill cup #1

The first sip has a pleasant, but mild ‘tangerine’ flavour… kind of sweet… which then fades out so you taste the green tea. The flavour changes in my mouth, leaving behind gently sweet, lemony citrus notes. The initial tangerine sweetness reminds me of creamsicles. The aftertaste is so light and lemony and sun-soaked… I can see why they called it that! It’s super delicious! I’m going for another cup.

Sunny Hill cup #2. Just as delicious!

Sunny Hill cup #2. Just as delicious!

I steep the second one for 2 minutes. It’s great! It’s much the same… same colour, same sweet tangerine, same mild green tea, same lemony aftertaste. There is no bitterness at all, and just the tiniest little touch of astringency in the final citrus notes. It’s really very nice, and it makes me feel happy! I guess some good CAN come from a reunion after all!

Big Kamsahamnida to my ex-roomie for thinking of me and bringing this special treat all the way from Korea! See you at the next reunion! hahaha…

I’ll put a link here to Osulloc, but it’s only in Korean as far as I can see.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Hill – Sun-soaked hillside: Osulloc (Jeju Island Tea Garden)

    • Hi Sandra.
      These particular Korean teas were a gift from a friend in Seoul. I don’t know if they are available outside of Korea, and the website is only in Korean, so I’m at a loss on this one.
      For other fantastic teas, I often purchase from TeaVivre, What-Cha Tea Co, M&K’s Tea Co, and DAVID’S TEA. You can also find a list of my favorite tea companies on the Tea Companies page at the top of my blog. Good luck!


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