california sweet peach: M&K’s Tea Co.

california sweet peach by M&Ks Tea Co

california sweet peach by M&Ks Tea Co

Mmmmmmmmm….. summer and peaches! What could be better?! And both of those things are a rarity around here! The sun is buried behind thunderstorms, and the supermarket peaches are still as hard as bullets!

"summer" *air-quotes*

“summer” *air-quotes*

But I have hope! Both peaches and sun will break through and drench us with juicy sweetness soon! Right??  In the meantime… there’s this delectable ‘california sweet peach‘… my second tempting tea from M&Ks Tea Co.

This herbal infusion is bursting with big chunks of peaches; so fresh and juicy, they’re almost oozing sweet peachy goodness! And the ingredients list is stunning; dried peaches, honey-roasted orange peel, hibiscus, licorice root, peach leaves, strawberry leaves, lemon peel, vanilla bean, natural peach flavour. All I can see is LUSCIOUS!

I open the awesome paper packet and find my next “Lucky Tea Symbol: The Sunflower”. I shall put it together with ‘The Fox’ from my ‘lavender daze’! I inhale deeply and the tea smells sweet and fresh and mildly peachy… mainly sweet.

Your Lucky Tea Symbol: The Sunflower!

Your Lucky Tea Symbol: The Sunflower!

I steep it for 10 minutes in boiling water, as directed. The colour is a gorgeously glowing ruby/peach. Pretty!

peaches and frogs

peaches and frogs

The first sip is sweeeeeet with honey, and at the same time, tart with hibiscus. I’m picking up the licorice, the honey, and the vanilla… not as strongly peachy as I imagined. In the mouth, the hibiscus is the predominant flavour. It’s in the aftertaste that I find the delicious fresh peaches! The lingering sweetness is tinged with vanilla and honey too!

The second cup has been steeping for about 20 minutes as I typed this, and now it’s unbelievably sweet… licorice-infused hibiscus… but very little ‘peach’. But it’s weird… as I wander around the house, fiddling with the camera, my mouth is full of nothing but peaches! The flavour of this tea is not in the liquid itself, but all in the aftertaste. Never had one like this before. I actually think I would like this better as a cold tea. It’s nice, but I find hibiscus goes better with ice 😉

So, the rain has cleared… the sky is acquiring shades of almost blue, and I’ve had my peaches! Happy summer!

BIG THANK YOU to M&Ks Tea Co. for providing this tisane, along with the incredible ‘lavender daze‘ (still my fave)!

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