lavender daze: M&K’s Tea Co.

lavender daze by M&K's Tea Co

lavender daze by M&K’s Tea Co

Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Lookit what I received in the mail today! I LOVE coming home to surprise packages of tea! And especially when they look and smell as wonderful as these!

M&K's tea samples

M&K’s tea samples

This has been a great day! First, my morning class went really well, with very attentive and eager students! Then I was able to leave work by 3:00 and get out into the sunshine to enjoy this gorgeous summer’s day! Then, I came home to find these absolutely adorable little tea samples from M&K’s Tea Co…. which feed into my OTHER obsession… paper! These are the cutest little packages I’ve ever received! I adore the brown paper envelope, and the awesome retro design, and the fact that there are full instructions printed on the back. These are so cute, I want to save the wrappers and put them in my scrapbook (not too much of a pack-rat, eh?). And did I mention the smell? Heavenly lavender… but with something warm and spicy… cinnamon? The whole package interior smells like lavender and I’m drawn to try that one first. It sounds very interesting… and unlike anything I’ve tried before. Listen to this: honey roasted licorice root (licorice root and honey), lavender, chamomile, Vietnamese cinnamon, star anise, ginger, lemon verbena, marigold petals! Wow! Who thinks up these things?!

Ooooohhhh and here’s another little surprise! When I lift up the flap to open the package, there’s a mysterious message hiding underneath, like a secret code… like a fortune cookie… “Your Lucky Tea Symbol: The Fox (#7) (rarity: common: 1.4%)”. Hmmmmm… I don’t know what this means, but I’m loving the mystery of it! It’s like a message from the past, in a secret language that I only half understand, and if I can only run with the fox… become the fox…  I’ll understand the secrets of the universe.

What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

So… to brew… I’m following the directions, since I’ve never steeped lavender before. 1 heaping tsp with 8 oz water, just under boiling, for 4-6 minutes. I use a basket strainer in a big mug.

Oh.    My.    God.    This tea smells…    SO.    GOOD.  It’s actually making my brain buzz and my eyes curl up into my head cuz it smells so good. The softest, sweetest cinnamon in a buttery banana bread, with hints of licorice and warm ancient spices…

The first sip… WOW! WOW! WOW! What does the fox say??? WOWEe Wowee Wowee Wow! A-wowee wOWee Wowee WOW! OMG! I cannot even describe this! It’s blowing my mind! OMG! I cannot stop smiling… it’s SO GOOD!

M&K's in a mug, and on social media

M&K’s lavender daze in a mug

OK… let’s see if I can make sense… The first sip is a clean floral burst like chamomile and marigolds, but in the mouth, it transforms into a warm, glowy Indian masala feel with the cinnamon, anise, ginger, and licorice… and then the most delirious sweetness floods your mouth, just drenching your tongue with sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet as honey sweetness that lingers LONG after you swallow. But it’s not a candy-sweetness… it’s a warm, lavender-scented, spiced, natural sweetness that is pure bliss! Is this package empty already? Dang! I’m going to have to order this one before I do anything else tonight!

M&K's lavender daze in a cute little pouch, and on social media

M&K’s lavender daze in a cute little pouch, and on social media

What can I say?! This is the best tea I’ve had this year. If you don’t ever listen to me again, you MUST go and order this tea immediately! Do it! Now! …    Go!….

Super big THANK  YOU to Marty at M&K’s TEA Co for providing this sample! I cannot wait to try the others!

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