Cream of Earl Grey: Tea Butler Canada via Tea Desire

Cream Earl Grey by Tea Butler Canada via Tea Desire

Cream Earl Grey by Tea Butler Canada via Tea Desire

Happy Canada Day!

4 words: Captain… Kirk… Oh… Canada!

Our national anthem is in need of some remodelling… Shatner gets it mostly right.  “With glowing hearts like E.T.” should definitely be written into the lyrics!

It’s a cloudy, cool day, after a week of rain and yukky weather, and I’m feeling like it’s tea-time! I’m going with this “Cream of Earl Grey” by Tea Butler Canada (supplied by Tea Desire).

It’s a plastic tea-pyramid full of real loose-leaf tea and rose petals. The ingredients are: black tea, rose blossoms, and natural flavours. The teabag smells like strawberry and a sort of vanilla/caramel flavour. I don’t smell anything very “Earl Grey”. It’s a sweet, delicious aroma.

I steep it in a little teapot for 2 minutes. The tea is a lovely amber/brown, and it smells like tea and caramel. The first sip is sweet and creamy tasting, reminding me of caramelized condensed milk. Underneath, there is the flavour of the tea itself… warm and rich, but not with any detectable ‘Earl Grey’ flavour. It’s not at all bitter, but there is a tiny bit of astringency at the end. For some reason, this tea reminds me of a sunny fall day in a pumpkin patch, with pumpkins all around, coloured leaves on the ground, the cool, crisp air of autumn, and a warm, fuzzy sweater! Maybe it’s the caramel flavours reminding me of Hallowe’en’s candy kisses?

Cream of Earl Grey in Grandma's teacup

Cream of Earl Grey in Grandma’s teacup

The tea is nice… fresh, warm, and comforting, with a caramel sweetness, but it’s not until the second cup that I get any of Earl Grey’s distinctive flavour. This cup steeped a few minutes longer (4 minutes?), and it is quite different from the first. I now get a more full-bodied tea and bergamot flavour with the creamy/caramel sweetness up on top. It pays to steep this tea fully, as the flavour needs time to develop. It’s a very smooth, relaxing afternoon tea that goes perfectly with this not quite summer’s day!

So now, to celebrate my day off work, I’m off for a walk in the cloudshine, in search of a good poutine… or a Timmy’s! Happy Canada Day to all!

Super Big Thank You to Tea Desire for sending me this tea as part of the Tea Butler Canada “Tea Assortment”, along with Blueberry Cream, and 7 Green Treasures!

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