Malawi Bvumbwe Peony White Tea: What-Cha

Malawi Bvumbwe Peony White Tea: What-Cha

Malawi Bvumbwe Peony White Tea: What-Cha

It’s a beautiful day! A freezing, glittering, shivering, bright, sunny, and cold, beautiful day! A good day to be on vacation (paycation), and a great day to be planning a vacation! Which is exactly what I plan to do! Who needs work?!

I think I’ll start with Malawi… Malawi Bvumbwe Peony White Tea, that is. I don’t think I can get there in person, but I’ll try to get there by tea. I always love the earthy sweetness of peony white teas, but I’ve never had one from Malawi. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside!

WOWZA! Honey and Apricots! I open the pack and inhale deeply, and just sink into this lush, leafy, honey, sticky-sweet apricot jam aroma. Wonderful! I don’t even need to brew it. I’m just gonna sit here and smell it! The label does say “Sweet honeyed taste with apricot notes” but I wasn’t prepared for this at all. I haven’t even looked at it yet, but when I do, I’m amazed! These gigantic whole leaves look like they’ve been scooped off the forest floor in late October. Big, colourful, and crispy, with that rustly, crumply sound of fall. Is this really tea? Fascinating!

4 leaves cover my hand

4 leaves cover my hand

I steep it in my push-button glass pot for 60 seconds at 80 degrees. The tea is a beautifully clear, light golden brown colour, and it smells earthy and sweet… almost exactly like raw honey!

Malawi Bvumbwe Peony White in Grandma's teacup

Malawi Bvumbwe Peony White in Grandma’s teacup

WOW! This tea hits the mouth with notes of clean, fresh earth, and then you taste the honey and apricot, mingled nicely… very balanced and harmonious, with a nice thick mouthfeel. Finally, the aftertaste is just mind-blowing! The sweet honey flavour lasts and lasts and lasts. This is amazing!

I steep cup 2 for 2 minutes. It’s a darker honey brown colour, and the aroma is even more intense with sweet apricot coming through. Again, it starts with the earthy, leafy notes, and again, the sweet, apricot/honey flavour is there. The mouthfeel is so thick, I almost want to chew it! This time, I’m picking up more of the earthy, loam-y flavours that you might expect with such a “fall” looking leaf. If I could steep autumn leaves, I think it might be a bit like this. The aftertaste, however, is still honey all the way! There is no trace of bitterness at all.

Cup 2

Cup 2

I’ve guzzled down 2 full cups, but it’s so delicious, I’m going for another. It’s funny… this tea is so good, I can’t sip it slowly enough to appreciate it. I just want to chug it in vast quantities! I’m steeping cup 3 for about 5 minutes to see what happens. It is a much darker ‘tea’ colour. The taste of apricot is pretty much gone. In the mouth, I get the earthiness, and a mild sweetness, but the aftertaste is still honeyed. This one tastes more like a sweet tea flavour, but I think it’s just great that there is no bitterness, or astringency. This is a real beauty!

This tea is part of What-Cha‘s “Discover Malawi” collection, along with the equally stunning “Zomba Pearls White“, and the “Handmade Treasure Black” that I tried earlier. These are all just beautiful, and I can’t wait to try the others! Something good is happening in Malawi!

Now to get on with my vacation planning. I’ve had enough of ‘paycation’ and ‘staycation’… it’s time for a ‘playcation’!

2 thoughts on “Malawi Bvumbwe Peony White Tea: What-Cha

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yup, I will definitely have to pay a call to What-Cha when I run low on review samples. Everything you’ve reviewed from them so far sounds delectable! White Peony is one of my favorite white teas, too, so it’s interesting to read about a different flavor profile from the Chinese Bai Mu Dan I’m used to. 🙂


    • Yup, you should! What-Cha has become one of my absolute favourite tea vendors! Everything they have is super fresh, unique, and delicious! I also love that they feature teas from a variety of places that you don’t normally find, like Malawi, Nepal, etc. This tea was interesting to compare with Pai Mu Dan. I’d say this one has a bit more intense earthy flavour, and a more distinctly honey flavour. It’s definitely in the neighbourhood of Pai Mu Dan, but just down the street!

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