jade oolong: adagio teas

jade oolong by adagio teas

jade oolong by adagio teas

Whew! So glad THAT’s over!

Just finished a really tough job interview… for a really tough job… and my head is spinning, and my brain is buzzing, and I keep replaying it over in my mind… again, and again… and the questions don’t stop, and do my answers make sense, and can they tell how much I’m bluffing, and can they see my hands shaking, and how did these papers get spread all over the table, and can I have a sip of water, and OMG my presentation is so over time, and what does that question even mean, and why are you nodding, and what am I saying, and do I even want this really tough job, and of course I do because it’s a really good job, and when can I start, and am I babbling too much, cuz it really feels like I’m babbling too much?!?!?!?!?!?!AAAAAAAAAGGGHGHGHHHH!!! Overload!!!

This adagio teas oolong sampler pack arrived today!

This adagio teas oolong sampler pack arrived today!

Bleaaahhhhhh… It’s over. I REALLY need to calm my nerves, quiet my brain, and let it go. What will be, will be. Let’s have some tea, and see if that helps! Good thing I just received this box full of yummy looking teas from ‘adagio teas‘ (their small-case letters, not mine). Which one sounds the most calming? Jade Oolong! Jade reminds me of cool green jade… the colour of mist rising out of the mountains… and THERE is my relaxation, right there… I imagine myself on a lush, green, bamboo-covered mountainside with mist rising up in pockets all around, and the silence… just silence.

misty backyard

bamboo forest jade green mist to calm my nerves

I open the resealable pouch and breathe in fresh, sweet apples and pears! What a surprise! Maybe a touch of grapes! Bananas and cherries too! My bamboo forest smells like a fruit salad! The leaves are small, tightly curled balls that look like a Li Shan, or a Tie Guan Yin. The instructions call for 2 heaping teaspoons per cup, and a 3-5 minute steep, but hey, rules are made to be broken, right? I’m steeping 1 teaspoon, for 30 seconds, then increasing by 30 second increments.

jade oolong in Grandma's teacup

jade oolong in Grandma’s teacup

Wow! the teacup is sitting about 3 feet away from me, and I can smell the fruity deliciousness wafting across the room! It’s wild! The first sip is mild… It’s very pleasant, but not as intense and overpowering as it smells! The flavour in the mouth reminds me of the banana-matcha breakfast smoothies I sometimes make. It has the taste of a green or oolong tea, but with a distinct fruitiness, just as I said… like fruit salad! I can’t think of another tea quite like this! It’s amazing!

Must try a second cup! This steep is a bit longer: 60 seconds. The tea is a bit darker, and the leaves have completely opened, revealing large, whole leaves with jagged edges. The colour is more intense, but the aroma is less fruity. Now it tastes like a beautiful, light, floral/fruity oolong… smooth, and clean, with a pleasantly floral aftertaste. There is no bitterness or astringency; just hints of a lovely light fruity banana-y fruit salad. Totally unique!

Cup 3, I left steeping for about 10-15 minutes and forgot about it. It is a darker, golden colour, and the flavour is now green and floral… slightly vegetal, and still not bitter. Completely enjoyable!

Soooooooo… this tea is light and clean enough to calm a frenzied mind, but with enough aroma and flavour to make it interesting! I think I love it!

Now, for a nap! I’ve been up late preparing for this interview for 3 days, and I’m beat! Whew! So glad it’s over!

2 thoughts on “jade oolong: adagio teas

  1. Ooooh, this sound lovely, Polly! I buy from Adagio from time to time, mostly because I’m working on creating a fandom /c custom blend tea line with some of their products. I might have to include Jade Oolong the next time I buy from them. 😀

    Good luck with hearing back about the job interview! Make sure you take time to relax now that the “worst part” of the process is over. 😉


    • Thanks saraletourneau! I feel much better now that it’s done! Relaxation ahead!
      I would recommend this tea with other light flavours if you’re blending it. I could see it with a light, crisp green, or, liu an gua pian… I often find it fruity too.

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