Black Tea: Teatulia

A lovely reminder from one of my heroes: Thich Nhat Hanh…

“There’s a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us. We need to wake up and fall in love with Earth. Our love and admiration for the Earth has the power to unite us and remove all boundaries, separation and discrimination. We need to re-establish true communication–true communion–with ourselves, with the Earth, and with one another as children of the same mother.”

Black Tea by Teatulia

Black Tea by Teatulia

In honour of Mother Earth, I’m looking for an earthy tea, and one that is good FOR the earth at the same time. This Black Tea by Teatulia is certified organic, and comes from their own single-source garden. Both the outer wrapper, and the pyramid teabag are biodegradable, and there are no extra staples or tags. Happy Earth Day!

Black Tea compostable teabag

Black Tea compostable teabag

Opening the package, the tea smells intoxicatingly fresh, sweet, and earthy. It’s almost like pipe-tobacco, but not as smoky. There are notes of oranges and honey… rich, like Grand Marnier, or brandy, along with “lush black earth after the rain” (you know what I mean).

First steep: a bit too dark for me

First steep: a bit too dark for me

I steep the teabag for 2 minutes, as directed. The tea is a dark, glowing amber colour. The first sip is full and dark with hints of orange and honey, but quickly settles into a deep, tannin-rich earthy warmth in the back of the mouth. There is a bit of bitterness and astringency, and I think I would have preferred a shorter steep.

Second steep, in Grandma's teacup: Perfect!

Second steep, in Grandma’s teacup: Perfect!

I steep a second cup for only a minute. This cup is a lighter, golden amber, and I like it much better! This cup is lighter, crisper, gentler, and I get a nice sweet honey flavour at the end. This is the one I was looking for! It really tastes like a fresh black tea should taste: rich, sweet, and clean. Good for me… good for the Earth!

Super BIG THANK YOU to Teatulia for providing me with this sample, along with the delicious White Tea, and Oolong Tea (which I just finished off at work this week!).

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