Ginger Date: Wait Tea House

Ginger Date by Wait Tea House

Ginger Date by Wait Tea House

Only a ginger can call another ginger “Ginger” (Tim Minchin). Well, I’m not a Ginge;  got no fringe and no whinge… I might be unhinged… but this tea… you need to make a date… a Ginger Date… with this tea immediately!

I picked this up from Wait Tea House at the Toronto Tea Festival. It looked soooooo delicious, I couldn’t resist! Just 3 little ingredients: a nest of shredded ginger, 3 dried jujube fruit (red date) halves, and a chunk of black molasses sugar, sparkling like a block of granite! That reminds me of the stone in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, with “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (Strauss) booming in the background! I think I’ll drink the tea to that! How exciting!

I steep the tea for 5 minutes with boiling water. When I pour the water over the mix, the sugar block starts bubbling and fizzing like an evil black Alka Seltzer… so that’s cool! The tea is a dark red-brown, and it smells amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Molasses and ginger and sweet ripe dates. No more; no less.

My Ginger Date

My Ginger Date

The first sip is blowing my mind with awesomeness! It’s smoooooooooooth and sweet with the extremely complementary flavours of dark sugar and plump, sweet jujube fruit. I only know jujube because when I lived in Korea, there was always jujube tea in the kitchen at work. I acquired a taste for the sweet little fruit, but never found it again after returning to Canada. You might think the molasses sugar would be overpowering, but it isn’t. It goes so well with the jujube… you can taste both, in perfect balance. And then… the surprise… at the back of the throat… the gorgeous warm burn of the ginger! It’s just awesome! These 3 flavours work so very well together. It’s like a very potent gingerbread cookie… sooooo warm and sweet and comforting! I think this might be my new favourite winter tea! And with no artificial flavours or colours, it’s unlike the more popular brands’ flavoured concoctions.

Wow! It just gets more and more amazing by the minute! The taste in my mouth is sweet, mild and smooth, with a delicate plummy/apricot-y/figgy/date-y flavour, but the burn of the ginger adds a kick that really lasts. They should make a candy out of this!

So, if you’re looking for a sexy “Ginger Date”… (and who isn’t?)… you can’t go wrong with this tea! It goes very well with both Tim Minchin (who is a ginger red-head), and Richard Strauss (who, to my delight, I have just discovered was ALSO a ginger red-head)! Oooohhhh, the Synchronicity!

Oh! What you really need to do is brew a second cup (just as ginger, but a bit less sweet), and then EAT the dates!! They are little power-packs of sweet, chewy, molasses-soaked gingeriness that kind of pop in your mouth!

nom nom nom…






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