Strawberry Ginger Peppercorn: Honey & Tea

Strawberry Ginger Peppercorn by Honey & Tea

Strawberry Ginger Peppercorn by Honey & Tea

I woke up this morning to clear blue skies and a glittery blue lake and sunshine as far as forever. A real “go-get’em” kind of day! I want a tea that’s sweet, to match the sunshine, and spicy, to kick at the shins of ‘Old man Winter’! “Strawberry Ginger Peppercorn” sounds like a winter-blasting superhero!

I picked this up at the “Toronto Tea Festival” and have been dying to try it! It’s a blend of white tea, organic green tea, ginger, pomegranate, natural flavours, schizandra berry, hibiscus, strawberry, and red peppercorns. Look how pretty! And the aroma! It smells exactly as it sounds. Sweet, strawberries, ginger, with a hint of tartness and spice! Wow! I’m steeping it as directed, at 80 deg. for about 3 minutes.

Looks and smells delicious!

Looks and smells delicious!

The tea is an amber/strawberry colour, and smells like Grandma’s strawberry jam and a bit of ginger! Sweet! The first sip… hm… no… let’s go with the second sip… tastes like nothing… a bit of hibiscus flavour… stir it up a bit to mix up the settled sediment… sip… sip… sip… where is the flavour?? I’m getting nothing but faint hibiscus. No strawberry, no ginger, no peppercorn. The aftertaste is VAGUELY strawberry-ish, but it’s hard to detect. I guzzle the rest of the cup, trying desperately to taste some flavour. Nothing.

Pooh! I’m quite disappointed with this one. It looks and smells sooooooo delicious! But flavour-wise, it’s MIA! I guess I’ll have to fight ‘Old man Winter’ on my own! Well, at least I have sunshine! Sorry, Honey & Tea… not what I was hoping for. I’ll hope the next one is better.



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