White Tea: Teatulia

White Tea by Teatulia

White Tea by Teatulia

I’ve been waiting for this cuppa tea allllllll day! But first, I had to sleep til noon. Then I had to lie on the sofa, playing phone games until 4:00. Then I had to wash a week’s worth of dishes. Then I had to cook dinner… which I was too tired to even eat. Then I had to wash MORE dishes. and then… FINALLY, I’m ready for tea!

For some unknown reason, I always crave white tea when the weather is particularly nasty. I don’t know why. And in between crushing candies and flinging rocks at pigs, I’ve stolen a few glances out my window, to see an entire day of this dreadfulness…

Nasty Winter

Nasty Winter

… which makes me crave white tea! Luckily, Teatulia recently sent me some! Teatulia‘s teas are organic, single-garden sourced (Bangladesh), and ALL the packaging is totally compostable… even the little mesh pyramids! Not only that… but I’ve been drinking (continuously) their organic Oolong, and the fresh flavour has just blown me away! I’m expecting amazing things from this little white teabag! The pyramid allows plenty of room for the leaves to expand, and the little white needle-shaped leaves smell fresh and clean… not dusty.

compostable teabag

compostable teabag

I steep the teabag for about 1 minute. It’s turning a nice pale gold colour and I don’t want to oversteep it. I want to enjoy a light, fresh white tea with no bitterness, so I remove the teabag. The aroma is gorgeous! Sweet, like straw, with hints of fruity… peach! Mmmmm… smells nice!

Teatulia White Tea in Grandma's teacup

Teatulia White Tea in Grandma’s teacup

The first sip is crisp and fresh! It first hits the mouth with hints of apple, reminding me of dried apple rings (oooohhhh yummy!!!). Then I get the smooth, mellow sweetness of white tea… somewhat of a cross between silver needles and bai mu dan. It’s got more depth and richness than a silver needles, but not quite the intense sweetness of a bai mu dan. I’m getting a lot of fruitiness… peaches, plums, and apples. It’s very refreshing and super delicious!

Cup #2... a little darker

Cup #2… a little darker

Well, that cup didn’t last long, so I quickly steep another. Now, the teabag has been wet, but resting, and when I re-infuse, it  instantly colours even darker than the first cup. I only leave the teabag in for about 10 seconds and quickly remove it. I don’t want it too dark. The same fruity sweetness is there in the aroma. The flavour is delightful! It’s velvety smooth, with a sweet muskiness and notes of peach in the finish. Yet, it’s light and clean. I go for a third cup, and most of the fruity notes are gone. It’s just got a mild, sweet tea flavour at this point. I won’t get another cup out of it.

So now that I’ve had such an exhausting day of doing uh… nothing…  I think I’ll take my long-awaited cuppa and spend the evening lounging on the futon with a good book. I really deserve a break!

BIG THANK YOU to Teatulia for providing this sample, along with their Oolong Tea and Black Tea!

2 thoughts on “White Tea: Teatulia

  1. Perhaps white tea reminds you that spring is coming? It definitely has been a brutal winter…I’ve never really minded winter but this year I can’t wait to not ever see ice and snow for a good long while.


    • Yes, I think it just brings a little bit of spring and sunlight to the here and now. I really suffer with SAD and just can’t stand the endless grey. I think everything about winter is heavy. …The food,the weather, the clothing, the boots, the snow…. heavy and exhausting. White tea is the lightest one I know. …it’s the light that I need.


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